I Make One More Wrong Turn Tonight

[Vegas Skies – The Cab]

Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

I already wrote one to my parents, and the person I am thinking of is for a later, more fitting day. The only other person that has caused me significant heart-ache and pain I don’t hate. And the person I hate, I haven’t been hurt by (I just hate ’em).

I suppose I hate Miley Cyrus and/or Justin Bieber and they have caused my ears some pain but I don’t think this is referring to that.

You know who I don’t like? Gary Oak. He’s not hard to defeat, but he’s such a jerk-face. I know, I know, he was the good guy all along because we never realized that we killed his Raticate. I had a blog about that. But he’s still a douche.

Oh you know who I don’t like? Wormtail. That snitching fucker. And that bitch Bellatrix who killed Sirius and killed (?) Neville’s parents. What the hell is wrong with her? But Helena Bonham Carter is a fucking gun.

Oh you know who I don’t like? Trinity from Dexter. That bastard…oh maybe no spoilers here.

Alright, I made my point…


She Sits On Fences

[Jenny – The Click Five]

I went to Chadstone to buy stuff today, and dragged Jac along. On the bus to the Glen, I saw Bianca walking along the road, so I pulled a creepy and asked her how her stroll was via text.

I also borrowed HP and the Deathly Hallows, so I will be reading it before the movie comes out!

After much walking and walking, I finally got a pair of jeans from Target (haha, yes, I know, but I had a gift voucher for that), and a top from Factorie. (The picture only shows the top, but the jeans look like the one I’m wearing anyway.)

Ew, I’m such a poser. I even have the camera in the shot.

There was a moment when I was trying to decide what Death Note Jac would be if she was one. As I have shotgunned L, I said Jac is Ryuk. She didn’t appreciate that because Ryuk isn’t good looking, so I kept thinking. Then I said, “Well you can’t be Light, because he is incredibly smart.” I took a step or two away in anticipation.

Ten seconds later, Jac shouted, “OH! OI!”

We were looking jeans and there was a kind that “accentuates and hugs your curves”. I laughed and said to Jac that there’s no point in her getting that kind anyway, because she “is too thin to have curves, but rather corners”. The amount of walking we did meant that Jac wanted to sit at a couch for nearly half an hour.

Tomorrow, it’s bowling! I get to see Dani and April again, as well as a few uni friends I haven’t seen in a while.