I Make One More Wrong Turn Tonight

[Vegas Skies – The Cab]

Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

I already wrote one to my parents, and the person I am thinking of is for a later, more fitting day. The only other person that has caused me significant heart-ache and pain I don’t hate. And the person I hate, I haven’t been hurt by (I just hate ’em).

I suppose I hate Miley Cyrus and/or Justin Bieber and they have caused my ears some pain but I don’t think this is referring to that.

You know who I don’t like? Gary Oak. He’s not hard to defeat, but he’s such a jerk-face. I know, I know, he was the good guy all along because we never realized that we killed his Raticate. I had a blog about that. But he’s still a douche.

Oh you know who I don’t like? Wormtail. That snitching fucker. And that bitch Bellatrix who killed Sirius and killed (?) Neville’s parents. What the hell is wrong with her? But Helena Bonham Carter is a fucking gun.

Oh you know who I don’t like? Trinity from Dexter. That bastard…oh maybe no spoilers here.

Alright, I made my point…


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