I Realize It’s Hard To Take Courage

[True Colors – Glee Cast cover, original by Cindy Lauper]

Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you

I wrote a piece so long ago, when I first started writing here frequently, so back in August 2008. It still stands; I still wish that you would forgive me for what I did to you back then, and we can be great friends. But I suppose, then again, if in 4 years’ of being in the same class and group hasn’t really made us any closer, then we’ve gotten as close as we’re gonna get.

I am grateful for your end of year message, and I am grateful for the amount of friendship you do give me, so I suppose when I say I wish you would forgive me, it’s more for a selfish relief than anything else.

I hope you are happy now, because I never see you anymore.



2 thoughts on “I Realize It’s Hard To Take Courage

  1. I have a feeling this is about me, and I’m sure you know who is writing this. Email is a dead giveaway, but I assume that you would either way. All those years ago, I was a bit of a wreck and pretty much took it out on anyone who annoyed me even the slightest. I’ve moved on, and I know you (probably) have to. If you’re still thinking about our friendship and where it stands, just know that the end of year message was nothing but genuine and I would write them again now. Although we haven’t seen or spoken to each other in a very long time, you are still my friend. So, I just want to say sorry, for all those times I didn’t, and I forgive you, for all those times you did. I don’t know how much these words will mean to you, but I hope that it does mean something. I hope you are doing well, ARX.

    I’m not good at being subtle, huh. Thanks, that really did mean a lot. And is this is first time you used the dash as a way of commenting? Because I’ve had a dash before for previous anonymous messages.

  2. Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve tried to be subtle many times but I can usually tell, especially when you write about what you’ve written above. Yeah, only used a dash because I wasn’t logged in and I couldn’t be bothered logging in.

    Glad you said “tried” at the least haha. And yeah no I was just wondering about the dash because I still don’t know who the anonymous dash is from before. Not you. The other one.

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