So Here’s My Goodbye

[Goodbye (I’m Sorry) – Jamestown Story]

Day 15 — The person you miss the most

Dear Dani,

When you first told me that you might go to Canberra back in Yr 12, I remembered that I cried on the spot, because I’d imagined university with you. But then you said that you probably don’t HAVE to go to ANU, and I was relieved. That was why I didn’t realize that the time when I was with you for the Speech Night rehearsal would be the last time I was to see you for almost half a year.

I know you were sad you had to go to ANU as well. So I won’t keep mentioning the fact that now, you aren’t in the same state as me. This might have to happen for the next 3 or so years, but I suppose there is always a way for either of us to see each other, right?

I miss you the most out of all the people I could have written about, mostly because in Yr 11 and 12 I got so used to seeing you everyday and always being able to see you when I wanted, that the sudden loss is shocking. I suppose, to bring in a Pokemon analogy, it’s like the party I carry around was very balanced, but I never noticed that I had one Pokemon in there who was key to this balance. And then suddenly that Pokemon was poisoned or had fainted, and the whole party got thrown off balance. You’re that Pokemon.

Good luck for semester 2, and I hope to see you soon! Otherwise, you’re only a phone call away, right?

I miss you, and I love you,