He’s In The Marines; He’d Kill Me

[Obviously – McFly]

Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory

Dear Jen/Ballsy

It’s not like you gave me my FAVORITE memory (I don’t think I had one yet. I mean a lot of memories make me smile) but it’s more that most of my cherished fun memories had you at the root of it.

For example, THAT. SHIVER. IN. LEGAL.

Or that time on the Geography field trip when I didn’t think you’d bite my hand and you did.

Or when we played Buzz! at the State Library games room and in our boredom we acted out all the actions that the characters on screen were doing, like being catapulted off our chairs.

Or when I came to your house just to get a free lunch, and you cooked me chicken meatballs with pasta instead of noodles. Which was surprisingly delicious.

Or hyperventilating on the phone with you, even though officially my response was, “I am glad for you. This is indeed wonderful news.”

Or when we were at Sale, and Bel’s cousin left some cold stale chips on the table, and in our curiosity we dared each other to eat one, found we loved it, and continued eating it.

Or when we attempted to hit that high note at the end of Halo/Walking On Sunshine – and you did, and I didn’t die.

Or when your eye puffed up to the size of a golf ball when a mosquito bit it at Sorrento (that was more fun for me than you).

Or when I made you walk without bouncing, and you did the slow-motion Baywatch walk.

Or when we went to that bookshop in South Melbourne and went through all the kids books and tried to hide the Twilight section.

Or when we made Mr Male go slightly emo when we didn’t listen to him and made fun of him in guitar.

I think I’ve made my point.

I love you,


P.S. Or when that guy, who ran through the building with no pants on, dared himself to eat an entire duck raw.