I Finally Found That Life Goes On Without You

[Naive Orleans – Anberlin]

Do you remember when I was working towards that goal described in my title? (Yes I searched through my blog to find that post)

Well, I am glad to say that I have achieved it, a year later.

So, finally, I saw Inception today. I definitely won’t give anything away because you need to sit in there yourself and get the whole experience. But it does bring up the thought: “Is reality really where we want to stay when dreams are better?”

Aside from Annie clutching at me during loud sounds, I really enjoyed the movie. It was not hard to understand the concept, and to follow, and I really admired the creator of this concept, as well as the director for making this concept into visual reality. The intelligence of the movie was not dwarved by the excitement of the action.

While it aided in the understanding of what would otherwise have been a very encrypted movie, I didn’t quite like them explaining everything. I felt that it wasn’t realistic that DiCaprio’s character Cobb would explain to a rookie architecture Ariadne (Ellen Page) the details of his private thoughts for the sake of the audience understanding.

I think I will now go Google various theories about the ending.


P.S. I just realized that the creator and the director was the same guy. GG Chris Nolan.