He Doesn’t Want To Read The Message

[From Yesterday – 30 Seconds To Mars]

Today I was at the Biomed library with Mandy and co (they so affectionately refer to it as The Brothel). Annie and I were taking advantage of a rather noisy conversation next to us to discuss with Mandy a matter that was rather private. But we drew attention to ourselves and Belle (newly made friend) asked us what was “unbelievable” as Mandy kept repeating.

I didn’t want to say anything, and, seeing an opportunity to make reference to a fantastic sitcom, I replied, “we were just saying how Mandy has a third nipple.”

(In case you missed it too, this reference was to FRIENDS, and how Chandler has a third nipple.)

Well, suffice to say, the secret conversation we were trying to have didn’t get leaked, but instead the nipple kept popping up.

(I saw what I did there.)

I was disappointed that not a single person noticed the FRIENDS reference, though.


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