Sitting Here Lonely With No One To Hold Me

[Control Myself – Maroon 5]

I went to see RED today with Catherine.

The cinema wasn’t very full – I think it’s at the end of its run – but I think that it was actually better off that way.

The movie, in my opinion, was actually really enjoyable. It didn’t go over the top with amazing improbably action stunts, but it did have it’s amazingly cool moments – Bruce Willis stepping out of a spinning car, calm as a hardwood coffee table, John Malkovich exploding a bazooka missile by shooting it dead on its head – but I think the best part was that they made it funny without appearing to try.

A lot of the humor were more subtle than in-your-face comedy – there were some reactionary expressions, meaningful silences, and some plain hilarious situations. There were times when the pacing of the dialogue, in trying to show that these guys were relaxed seasoned spies, was a bit slow, but mostly they made up for it.

And I think that John Malkovich did a pretty damn good job of being a paranoid retired spy who was “given a dose of LSD daily for 11 years”. I liked him since Johnny English, and every time I see him on screen I think “oh this should be good”.

I wouldn’t say go out of your way to see it, especially since it’s ending, but if it comes up as a movie choice on DVD night, pick it!

Anyway, after the movie Catherine and I had our newly made yearly tradition of a Nandos lunch together, and we had a good talk about Uni and her future choices. She did not laugh like Ernie once. I was disappoint.


I Climbed The Wall I Had One Look

[20 Good Reasons – Thirsty Merc]

I had a request for me to blog about what music I like. It takes too long to do all of them so I think I’ll do them in installments.

So today is A B C and D.

The All-American Rejects – I wouldn’t say I like all their songs but quite a few of them are very catchy and likeable.

Dance Inside, Can’t Take It and Paper Heart are a few examples.

All Time Low – I’m pretty sure hardcore All Time Low fans will shun me for saying I pretty much only like Six Feet Under The Stars that I’m aware of.

Anberlin – Um, I really don’t know if you guys noticed but I pretty much like all their stuff, but even more from Never Take Friendship Personal, Cities, and a few songs from New Surrender.

American Hi-Fi – I used to only have The Rescue so when I heard The Geeks Get The Girls I found it hard to believe it was the same band.

Amy Meredith – I heard Lying on the radio but when I got my hands on Young At Heart, I liked it more.

Anya Marina – I admit I heard All The Same To Me on The Vampire Diaries, and Googled it. But I like it so it’s all legit.

Ashley Parker Angel – His stuff is a bit average but I like the tune of Beautiful Lie.

The Ataris – I’m pretty sure they have other stuff but I only have The Saddest Song.

Augustana – Really, I just like Boston, but I don’t mind Sunday Best and Coffee and Cigarettes either. I like how calming it is, even if the theme might be a bit bittersweet.

Blink 182 – Apart from all the songs that everyone likes, I also like First Date.

Bowling For Soup – As well as 1985, I’m Gay is a really great pick me up. The first time I heard it, I actually smiled.

Boys Like Girls – very obviously, I like the much popular Hero/Heroine and Thunder, as well as Heels over Head and Five Minutes To Midnight.

Busted – I don’t think I can like McFly without liking Busted, and while most of their songs are good, I say my most played are That Thing You Do and What I Go To School For.

The Cab – My friend only gave me a few songs by them but I liked those songs: That 70s Song, Zzzz, Vegas Skies, High Hopes In Velvet Ropes.

Cartel – I like Say Anything (Else).

F*ck You! – Cee Lo Played it over and over again. I like how he sings the bridge.

Nothing – Charice My friend gave it to me and I’d liked her on Glee so I gave the song a shot, and surprisingly I actually like it!

Intensity In Ten Cities – Chiodos I honestly thought it was a girl singing until after a few dozen listens.

The Cinematic Orchestra – To be honest, just To Build A Home. The Schwepps ad!

Sleep With Me – City Sleeps I like his voice.

The Classic Crime – Headlights and The Coldest Heart. They both sound pretty different but they’re good songs.

I skipped over Coldplay but I mean, they’re so famous and so popular it can be a bit of an implied preference.

The Dandy Warhols – Not surprisingly, I like We Used To Be Friends and Bohemian Like You. The former from Veronica Mars, the latter from a car ad that aired here a few years ago.

And finally…

Dashboard Confessionals Dusk and Summer in general.

So that’s A B C and D for now. The next time I remember, E F and G. And maybe H if one letter is small.

Judge away!