My Life And Love Might Still Go On

[Wherever You Will Go – The Calling]

I’ve been nabbing song I like from Smallville, and since I’m back at Season 1, the songs are old!

So this has been bothering me quite a bit much even more so this morning: parents being misled by unsubstantiated and badly researched “scientific facts”.

For years, since Mom discovered how to use the internet beyond emails, she’s been finding those websites in the Chinese community that has those articles of “interest” like how to activate pressure points to cure joint pains or whatever. Those sites are very much targeted towards middle-aged Chinese parents.

I don’t particularly have an opinion on articles about pressure points or how to make a dumpling that doesn’t collapse, but when they start writing stupid articles like “too much ice cream can give your child cancer” or “students who don’t study law and/or medicine are more likely to go into debt later in life”, it irks me.

Because you never see them publish articles like “let your children decide their own future” or “too much nagging can cause long-term psychological issues”. No, they never publish things that go against the readers’ preconceived ideals. What’s the point of reading things that reinforce what you already know and practice? Stories that make you go “oh wow I never thought about it that way” are the ones that are worth writing and reading.

I mean, how many times have you heard a cancer patient say, “I wish I never had ice cream when I was a child; I must warn everyone who would listen to not eat ice cream”? Yet how many times have you heard messed up adults complain to their therapists that their problem stemmed from childhood? How many people are stuck in miserable lives because they let their parents dictate their decisions, and those decisions had nothing to do with what they wanted?

But, God forbid those websites will publish stories warning parents against those.