Strange As It Seems She’s The One I’m After

[Just The Girl – The Click Five]

WOW! I nearly forgot to do a song post.

So I’m on…J, K and maybe L.

Jack’s Mannequin – I used to have and like more songs but I sort of just listen to Miss Delaney, Dark Blue and La La Lie.

James Blunt – As much as I think his voice is hilarious sometimes, You’re Beautiful soothes me and reminds me of a fun time in Yr 9.

James Morrison – I’ve been told to get more of his songs but I didn’t get around to it. You Give Me Something and Broken Strings are the songs I have, but I love his voice so much!

And…I just skipped a few artists that everyone likes, like John Mayer, and Justin Timberlake. WHAT? I LIKE JT!?

Katy Perry – Ever since I Kissed A Girl, I’ve sort of had an interest in her music. But I won’t say I like her all songs. What I do like are: Teenage Dream (as made awesome by Glee), Thinking Of You and Hummingbird Heartbeat.

Keane – How can you not like Somewhere Only We Know and We Might As Well Be Strangers? They’re very memorable songs.

The Killers – I’ve only really been given their two most successful songs recently, which are obviously Somebody Told Me and Mr Brightside.

Kisschasy – I first heard Face Without A Name, then I heard Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night, and now finally Dinosaur.

I was just given a HD by a friend, and she has good music taste, so I might steal some off her. I won’t update the lists I already made though.

You’re Gonna Listen To Me

[Faint – Linkin Park]

Preeetty sure I won’t hit 15 this month. I noticed I haven’t done a song post in ages so I might knock that over tonight as well.

So yesterday was Australia Day, and true to tradition (actually, it was my first recall-able time in the near 11 years since I’ve been here) I went to an Aussie Day BBQ.

I haven’t done a long and almost pointless documentation post in ages, so I might do it full on properly now.

Everything was going pretty peachy in the morning, despite being nearly late for my bus. But as I got on the train, with my hair sitting perfectly (pfft, who am I kidding), it started to drizzle. By the time I’d reached the 3rd station, it was a downright animal zoo out there.

Thankfully, Melbourne weather decided to mood swing towards niceness, and the skies let up the tears – albeit still rather dark and moody. I decided to be adventurous, and take a different tram to the one I would have normally taken.

Yeah, that was a bad idea. I got utterly lost, missed my stop, and had to wait an extra 10 minutes to take the tram one stop back. Then came the confused tourist walk to find the group. There was an awkward moment when I started walking towards a bunch of people near a BBQ purposefully, only to realize I didn’t recognize anyone there. Finally, I spotted a familiar face – the only one who’d arrived.

James, Jen’s friend who joined Juggling with us but then he actually went, had brought a football (the American kind) and, I know how ironic it sounds, but we started throwing that around. He tried to teach me how to throw it properly, but I suppose my hand-eye-ear-brain coordination simply went into hibernation this summer, because I don’t think I have the knack of it, still.

After a while, the MacRob girls arrived, meaning I had actually found people to talk to who don’t insult my lack of sporting abilities. So passed a good hour of sitting around chatting and catching up, followed by what seems to be a time-honored tradition of playing Big-Two and having at least one person not understand the rules and/or tactics. I am ashamed to say, however, that I lost a game.

When Jen T noted that there was another MacRob group who was also at Albert Park Lake (probably forgot to mention where we were), a few of us decided to take the walk to their area to say hi. We started the trek with enthusiasm, having been promised friends “just behind those trees”. The mood soon turned sour as “just behind those trees” turned out to be “halfway across the lake”. Annie, Julia and I watched in high mirth as Tiff weaved her way through the carpark, completely sober, but drunk on being herself, and Annie laughed so hard that she choked on her 20 years of existence.

We met up with the other MacRob group, which was essentially the other Japanese class plus some of our own. Huey had come back from her year in England, tanned as a Jersey Shore kid (oh, did I just make that reference), which was illogical to start with because she spent a year in ENGLAND.

Having stolen one of their drinks and made some great conversation about where people had been in 2010, we decided it was around time we started heading back. We went back in time to realize that while we were gone, the ice at the party had broken and everyone was getting along. So, in true MacRob style, we all sat in a circle and consumed food. Jen went on to consume half a chicken. Not kidding. I wish I was.

Er at some point I drank beer on an empty stomach and got a bit blurry but obviously nothing bad happened, because I’m not like that. So people started putting ice cubes down other people’s backs, and it may or may not have been at my instigation.

Anyway, at one point people started leaving, and as I saw two girls leave, I shouted, “BYE! NICE MEETING YOU!” only to realize I hadn’t actually spoken a single word to her. To correct myself of this mistake, I decided to introduce myself to the next new face I saw. The next new face I saw happened to be a name that I’ve heard many, many times previously, and with whom I share many mutual friends – Linh. So, you can imagine how creepy I was when I said, “LINH! Oh I know you! I know who your friends are! I FINALLY MET YOU!”

Lesson, children, don’t do that. Ever. Play it cool. Thankfully, she’s heard of me before too, but that didn’t stop her from noting that the awkward scale just went from 4 (random introduction) to 10 (admission to online stalking).

Lily showed up at, I don’t know, 4, and I finally managed to give her a birthday present, 2 months late. It was a toothbrush that played music for 2 minutes, in attempts to cut down her nightly bathroom ritual time. Also, it freaking played music into her mouth, man.

A bit after that, the BBQ drew to an end, and everyone dispersed. A large group decided to go to Fitzroy for milkshakes, and even though Julia, Annie and Tiff all left me, I had Jen, Steven, Brendan and James, and my newly made friend Linh (she kept on noting how awkward I was. I had to have Julia vouch that I was tired and usually I was rather sociable. Julia sort of nodded slowly and sarcastically).

The Milkshake place, whose actual name I forgot, is actually a pool arcade, so we all got our delicious milkshakes, and played some pool. I think I met more people at pool than I did at the BBQ, purely from making fun of one guy, Victor, who missed shots that first-timers would have managed.

When the games have been played and lost, and the milkshakes drank, we all headed back to Parliament. For some reason, the guys thought it would be a show of dexterity if we walked instead of caught the tram, so we had a nice cool dusk stroll back to the station, and I took the train home with Linh and Donuts (his last name is Duncan, so Dunkin’ Donuts. Get it?).

When I was at Glenny station I got stopped by this tall white guy who wanted to talk to me. He asked why Asians seemed to “only want to assimilate with their own kind, and not talk to others.” At that moment, I heard my mom honk to let me know she’s waiting, so I said “sorry, my parents are waiting.” He scoffed, and said, “I knew there was a get-out clause”, and walked off like I offended him. I thought, “How about ‘there was a my-parents-are-holding-up-traffic-at-a-busy-carpark?”

Some people need to calm down. He’s reading racism where there aren’t even text written.

At any rate, I had a busy night on Facebook last night, what with all the new adds and hellos (I made friends with the girl I forgot to make friends with as she left, and it turned out we had a LOT of mutual friends. Small, small world). I also got sunburned in the duration of an overcast day.


Before The Doors Close

[Keep Holding On – Glee cover of Avril Lavigne]

So, I don’t know if it happens to everyone, but once I stored some Drumstick ice-cream in my freezer for a while and the biscuit bits turned soft and soggy.

Today my parents came back from Woolworths and Mom told me that we’d gotten a lot of Drumsticks on sale, and told me to eat them all soon or the biscuits will turn soggy and the best part (at least for me) will be ruined.

I don’t even know if the freezer really does turn the biscuits soggy after a while, or if it was just a defective box last time, but basically I have a crap load of Drumstick ice cream to myself for the next few days, and my metabolism is still holding out.

I love being an only child sometimes.


I Promise You, Kid

[Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Buble]

So I noticed that I hadn’t blogged in about a week, and I realized I would therefore fail my 15 a month target if I didn’t write something soon.

I’ve sort of just been sitting at home doing nothing, which is probably what I’m writing about today. I like to analyze my own actions after a while.

A few of my friends feel that they’re wasting their lives in front of the computer screen – social networking just doesn’t hold the thrill anymore. They want to go out and get a job and start working towards the dream life they have.

I also want to work towards that dream life but I’m still sort of in the mindset of a kid – I have plenty of time to do it later, when I’m older. Except I am older.

And I think I have been hiding/held back by the fact that my parents aren’t giving me much freedom, and I couldn’t get a job. But I don’t know what the ratio of each is. I mean I do have friends that tell me to “just do it”, as in just move out and be independent. However it’s kind of hard to do it when I don’t have any means to support myself. Right now, my bank account is somewhere at 15 dollars.

I think that’s why I’m really looking forward to going to New York for exchange (have I mentioned this?). If I get the exchange, I will be going to my dream city for half a year learning about stuff I love, all the while being independent – at the same time financially I should still be supported somewhat (even though I still really need to get a job). So it’s sort of an incentive and a trial (dream city and independence) without the shameful failure.

However, I don’t think I’ll be able to disengage myself from the internet. I don’t think it’s a matter of my wasting my time on it, or being addicted to it (though in both cases it’s true), but rather the internet is such a huge part of what I find interesting about the media, that disengaging myself from it would be cheating myself of happiness.

There, I justified my addiction. Bring on the interventions!

Anyway, I’ve sort of been a recluse for the last few days, and after not getting another job (even though I do have a work experience somewhere! It doesn’t earn me money – if anything it takes up money – so I don’t know how I will do), my ego has taken a hit. But I have organized to go out a little bit in the next few days to bring my mood back up again.


Hate To Love And Love To Hate Her

[The Sun – Maroon 5]

Woke up this morning to this news:

Flood deaths in Toowoomba

72 missing as of now, and 8 dead. The most terrifying part was that it happened so fast. For the last few days I’ve seen countless images of good-natured Aussies riding out the knee-deep water on canoes, helping kids and older people cross some rushing water, cars being stranded and their drivers scratching their heads sheepishly because they didn’t listen to warnings not to cross the water.

But these images are not like that. These images don’t look like something you can just sandbag, sit out, and fix up later. I can’t even imagine 8 meters of water at that speed. It’s even more heartbreaking that the QLD premier confirms that more will die, and more will be confirmed missing – not to even start mentioning how much the damage would be.

The fear now is that the flood water will reach Brisbane, the state capital.

My thoughts are going to be on this developing story until the waters calm down. This is like the 2009 Victorian bushfires all over again.


I Have Been Made New

[Meteor Shower – Owl City]

3 new chapters published! I’d actually written Chapters 8 and 9 back in September/October, when I should have been writing my university essays. I wrote half of Chapter 10, but in the past few days I reworked most of it. I wanted to publish all three chapters in one go (and you’ll see why once you’ve read them).

I’m sorry about the delay though! Chapter 11 might be a while, or it might not be, if I get struck by inspiration tomorrow.


Then He Swears He Loves You

[Face Down] – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

So as I mentioned in my previous post that I’ve made a new friend. This post is about making friends…and keeping them.

Not to go on some emo tirade or anything, but I have noticed in 2010 that I went through quite a lot of friends. Mind, I kept the same group from the start of the year, but the separate individuals were worked through really quickly. It got to the point where Jen called me a friend-whore.

If you’ve been reading all my posts this year, you might have noticed that a few names had come and gone. That’s the thing that I want to talk about today: the fact that the names are so noticeably there, then so noticeably missing.

When I first make a friend, I’m on it 24/7. I’m fun, I talk lots, I discuss all sorts of topics, I talk about them all the time. Then, after what I suppose is the “honeymoon period” for friends, it just dies out.

I think, though, it’s more to do with how I made friends with them in the first place that really dictates if the friendship “goes the distance” or if it’s a “one-week-stand” sort of deal.

Take for example, the friends I made at the start of the year at uni who I’m still friends with now – Josh and Anna, and by some abstract extension, Annie and Jen, seeing as Arts sort of made us a renewed group; the Melbourne Uni lunch group (Mandy etc) – were made as a matter of course. Josh and Anna were doing my course and because Anna knew me and Josh knew Annie, naturally we became a sort of group. Mandy etc I met through Dot, who I’ve known since I came to Australia, so when I saw Dot at uni of course I went to say hi, and thus met the rest of the huge-ass PLC and MHS collection I now have.

The new friend that I made, I made through a friend who I made through another friend who I made through a friend who I made through being suspended. (I loved writing that sentence, I really did.) I can’t reveal the first two friends’ names seeing as they’re not online and I can’t ask for their permission, so I’ll hide their names to Es- and Jan. The last two friends as you probably can guess are Lily and Meghan.

The thing about Es- is that we only became friends through coincidence. I was talking to Jan on Skype and she just happened to receive a call from Es-, and so Es- went on Skype as well and we hit it off teasing Jan, and so we became friends. It became very apparent recently that Es- and I have close to nothing in common with each other – if anything, our tastes in music, film, TV and celebrities are polar opposites. But we still manage to get along.

Jan and I have almost everything in common (save height and other physical attributes…oh and music taste but that’s my next point). I guess it’s too early to say because I’d really only started talking to her 2 weeks ago but so far our friendship has been coasting on the fact that whenever there’s a dull moment, we start discussing FRIENDS, the catalyst of our friendship.

What I’m trying to sketch here is that, perhaps, at least for me, opposite really do attract, and similarities, while fun at the start, ends up being not enough.

Okay, another example: Dani and I are pretty close. We have a lot of similarities…NOW. But when we first met we were very different to each other, and it was through being friends for 4-5 years that we developed a similar music taste and social belonging.

Jen and I, Annie and I, we’re STILL immensely different people, even after 4-5 years of being around each other and getting to know each others’ likes and dislikes. Catherine and I – apart from her awesome music taste – are almost two sides of two completely different coins, but when we hang out it’s just nice and easy. Josh and I had some similarities but I think it was because of our similar views on issues that we got along.

Music, though, I think music is a huge sticking point for two people to get along. For example, Es- and I have completely different taste in music but so far we’re just avoiding the topic. At some point, I’m pretty sure, the fact that she hates some of my favorite songs will come up in a very ugly way that we can’t laugh over. I can’t be sure of it, seeing as she’s practically the queen of Meh, but you know, it’s a huge deal. Lily had said, upon giving me a CD full of RnB, that it’s almost a “make or break” for our friendship whether I like those songs, even though we’d already established a firm friendship based on her love for Maroon 5.

It sounds sucky, but so far it seems that the friends I make out of them being there, instead of the ones I actively sought out, are the ones I manage to keep around the longest (I COULD view it as a comment on my skills as a friend finder but that’s just depressing). They don’t necessarily have the most in common with me, or agree with me on a lot of points, but they’re the ones whose friendship didn’t burn out super fast and die.

It’s a problem, because I do envision my ideal partner as someone who has a lot in common with me and they like all the things I like and we finish each other’s sentences…but maybe I can still get that, they just might not start out that way.

Personal growth wow.