This City’s Made Us Crazy

[Must Get Out – Maroon 5]

This is a queued post! Hopefuly when this posts I am in the middle of a huge crowd counting down to the new year.

Have a happy 2011 everyone!

In 2010 I’ve learned quite a few things, including how to let go, how to move on, how to view things in a positive light, how to be grateful for what I have – and how to admit that I deserve good things too, and shouldn’t blame things on myself.

I’ve also learned some academic stuff, but, whatever. Psychoanalysis, Confucianism, Intercultural Linguistics, media theories, Public Spheres, Writing for newspapers, Avant-garde, whatever…

Here’s to a 2011 where I learn even more things!

And good stuff for you, my readers, too!