Strange As It Seems She’s The One I’m After

[Just The Girl – The Click Five]

WOW! I nearly forgot to do a song post.

So I’m on…J, K and maybe L.

Jack’s Mannequin – I used to have and like more songs but I sort of just listen to Miss Delaney, Dark Blue and La La Lie.

James Blunt – As much as I think his voice is hilarious sometimes, You’re Beautiful soothes me and reminds me of a fun time in Yr 9.

James Morrison – I’ve been told to get more of his songs but I didn’t get around to it. You Give Me Something and Broken Strings are the songs I have, but I love his voice so much!

And…I just skipped a few artists that everyone likes, like John Mayer, and Justin Timberlake. WHAT? I LIKE JT!?

Katy Perry – Ever since I Kissed A Girl, I’ve sort of had an interest in her music. But I won’t say I like her all songs. What I do like are: Teenage Dream (as made awesome by Glee), Thinking Of You and Hummingbird Heartbeat.

Keane – How can you not like Somewhere Only We Know and We Might As Well Be Strangers? They’re very memorable songs.

The Killers – I’ve only really been given their two most successful songs recently, which are obviously Somebody Told Me and Mr Brightside.

Kisschasy – I first heard Face Without A Name, then I heard Opinions Won’t Keep You Warm At Night, and now finally Dinosaur.

I was just given a HD by a friend, and she has good music taste, so I might steal some off her. I won’t update the lists I already made though.

One thought on “Strange As It Seems She’s The One I’m After

  1. Невротик Гарри Блок – удачливый писатель, потративший весь аванс на новую книгу, которую никак не может начать. К тому же, он должен решить очередную проблему в своих запутанных отношениях с многочисленными женщинами и друзьями – кого взять с собой на вручение ему литературной премии. Нынешняя его подруга выходит замуж за его приятеля. У другого знакомого – сердечный приступ. Бывшая жена – психиатр не разрешает взять их сына В конце концов Г??рри приглашает проститутку, с помощью которой похищает собственного сына.

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