Posting just to be vague…

I know how little I’ve been posting, and aside from all the assessment and my actually trying to do well in them – hence preparing and all that – and having nothing to really write about, I think it’s safe to say that everything interesting about me and my life is sort of on hiatus at the moment. I mean, I’m settling into work, which was the most recent new development in my life, so there’s nothing fresh to add there.

ANYWAY the vague part, which is just a thought I had today:

It’s easy to differentiate between being hung up on someone, and being hung on up on how you felt with them.

By the same token, it is easy to differentiate between someone who actually knows what they’re feeling – and someone who is just making excuses for slipping back into the habit.

Now that my immediate assessments are over, I will resume writing my Sex and the Screen blog posts, so they’ll be showing up shortly too.


One thought on “Posting just to be vague…

  1. A comment to show that people still pay attention to your life for some reason.
    And read your blog.

    (White Taker, nice) Thank you for paying attention to me. If anything, I do need it.

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