Oh my, I don’t mind being the other guy

[Little Of Your Time – Maroon 5]

I went shopping with Jen today, and she took me around a lot of stores. At some point, my enthusiasm to help her out boiled dry, and I was left a burning whistling mess, making fun of every piece of clothing I saw…

And one thing that it led me to notice was that store mannequins NEVER seem to stand/sit in normal positions, especially the female ones. Ignoring the fact that if an actual human was that thin, they’d just drop dead, the poses that those mannequins pull are not ones you’ll find yourself in when wearing the clothes that they model.

I don’t know, man, if I’m going to fork out that much money for clothes I won’t look good in slumped low on a seat, but rather would need to pull a gravity defying yoga pose, is it actually worth buying?