I am selfish, I am wrong

[Vindicated – Dashboard Confessional]

So, 4 posts in a day to catch up, and a promise to be made:

August 18, 2008, I started this blog in earnest. I wrote in it nearly everyday. I wrote about every thought, every occurrence, every scrap of memory that I wanted to share and to document.

Over the years, especially the past one, I have started to “mature”.

“I’m too good and mature now to write about mundane everyday things,” I blogged. “I only want to write about the significant.”

August 18, 2011, three years later, and I will try to recapture that ambition I had in Yr 11, when I was inspired to write earnestly from one of Dani’s very old posts. I remember, still, that it was about a car accident she was in when she was much younger.

I will try to write here everyday, even if it’s really boring and short. I will still do it. For me, and for the 13 subscribers who were fooled into making me feel better.

That’s a promise.


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