Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul

[The Only Exception – Paramore]

Day 10: How you wake up in the morning.

Well, going on from what I just wrote about my pillow…

It’s weird, I go to sleep curled up and in weird positions and I always always wake up dead straight and tucked in like Sheldon.

Some days I wake up pretty damn excited for the day, which is a bad idea because it builds the day up to ridiculous expectations. And I have many ridiculous expectations of my days lately.

Most days I wake up wanting to lie in, not sleep, but just lie there and think. I used to have amazing stories live and die while I lie there and think them. I wish I still had those moments of revelations.

I rarely ever wake up during that time a while after the sun rises when the birds are being very social. Nor does a rainstorm wake me up in time for me to feel really warm and  while it bitches outside.

Last year I stayed up all night to watch a FIFA game, and after the game ended, I was treated to the post game sunrise. I walked outside onto the balcony, and stayed out there long enough to let the dew creep up on my cheeks, and be chased away by my breaths. When you’re the only person awake on the street, it almost feels like the moment is all about you. When someone else who is awake walks past your house and sees you on the balcony, you just know they think you’re having unique morning thoughts, and are above the rest of the post-sun risers.


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