All that I feel is what I hear

[Dear Angel – April Sixth]

Short post, just a report of what happened.

Went to the Glen to give Amelia (friend of Cindy and Brendan’s) emotional support while she dyed her hair, with the names mentioned in the brackets. She went in thinking red, she came out with the best purple-red color.

It wasn’t easy, though. We had to hold up different swatches to her face, eyes, cheeks and neck to make sure the color looks good on all different areas of skin tones. It took an extraordinary amount of time for Brendan and I to find the one color that made her eyes pop. And pop her eyes do now!

You could tell as the hairdresser rinsed away the color that Amelia was a bit disappointed, though, because I think she wanted a more vibrant color, but we assured her that the moment she steps into the sun, the purple will be REALLY noticeable. And, of course, it was. She spent the walk to the bus stop checking herself off any reflective surface.

I walked home from the Glen. It was warm.


/edit OH WOW I TOTALLY FORGOT! Brendan gave me a stress ball in the shape of a Friend Ball for my birthday!

Hands do now what eyes no longer defend

[Dance Inside – All American Rejects]

Well, originally I had nothing to blog about, but it seems that fate has handed me a topic after all…and a task of hyperlink editing for the rest of the night!

In Yr 11, I made defluffe my URL as an in joke. It was then to my friend’s great amusement to tell me what de-fluffers were.

At the time, WordPress didn’t allow username and URL changes, and I had invested too much blood and tears into this blog to abandon it.

But now, given the choice, I have changed it to ileapforyou.

Please change all your bookmarks and blogrolls and whatnot accordingly. No please seriously do it and stuff. I don’t change URLs often, so yeah.