You are my wings to fly, you are the wind beneath them

[Falling In Love – Falling Up]

Today Mela (Amelia) came to visit me at uni. I hadn’t seen her since Anberlin last week and it has been a long week of uni stress, so it was damned good to see her again.

After class we went to Maccas for me to get the Pokemon toy, and after we’d eaten we had a bit of time until the next train, so Mela quickly went to look at shoes, seeing as her current pair is a size too big and always fell off. We went into Sportsgirl, and it seemed like everyone there had the same idea, because at some point Mela managed to squeeze through two people, and I got caught between a shoe rack and those people because my bag is bigger, and she never noticed that I was left behind, so she sort of went into the next aisle, and I was just stuck there.

Got persuaded to go to Janmay’s party tomorrow despite not having done/started my next essay, which I am very very concerned about. More motivation to gun it tonight and tomorrow morning, and gun it some more Saturday night and all of Sunday!


P.S. Not drinking tomorrow, no fun stories for you, WordPress. Not that I wrote much about what happened last time when I got uber drunk, mostly because it’s damned embarrassing. It did lead me to meet Mela in a very indirect and humiliating way, though, so that’s good.