Just in case they’re wondering

[Baby, It’s Fact – Hellogoodbye]

You know…Winter is over technically I should be stopping the lyrics title. Alright, starting tomorrow.

Basically, on a sort of impromptu request went to Chadstone with Mela and her friend Ser- and only realized when I was on the bus towards the place that it was Chadstone VIP night and I don’t shop.

I suppose it was a good thing I did go, because Mela ended up getting some food poisoning. Poor thing threw up, and then got really cold. At least her dad came to pick her up from Chaddy (on the way giving me a ride home) and now she’s going to get home safely, because otherwise she’d have to take a long bus ride home.

But yes, now I will go tackle that one last not-that-difficult assessment, and then be free.


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