Could it be…?

Today I woke up at 6, and I realized that the phone had cut out. You weren’t on the other end of the line saying “hi baby” when I called out.

Then I remembered that at 3 am I’d woken up again to the same situation, and I called you back. You were still awake, watching TV shows on your laptop. You knew the call cut out but I was already asleep, so you didn’t call me back lest you woke me up. I told you to call me no matter what.

Then I remembered that at 1 am, when I’d first gone to bed, you said that you planned to sleep in late the next day, having nothing to do while I studied, but you’d log onto Skype when I called you in the morning, and keep the video call running while you slept.

It sounds really silly, but right now I am watching you sleep with your nose curled into your blanket. You can sleep anywhere, anytime, even with a laptop glowing in your face.

These days are especially difficult when I have to stay home and study. But it’s only 1 more week until I am free – finished or not.

Sweet dreams, Mela.


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