Meet me in Kentucky Field

[The Ruse and the Caper – Coyote Theory]

So, continuing my tradition of writing about things a week later…

Last Thursday, I went to Mela’s place to hang out as usual before her work. The original plan was to go to Knox but I felt really lazy so I begged to just stay home and order a pizza, and watch FMA. Everything was fine, we ordered the pizzas and were waiting for it to be delivered, when we noticed Meg missing. She came plodding back with a small golden thing in her mouth. Naturally, I went to see what it was.

To my terror, I realized it was a piece of chocolate. I quickly snatched it from Meg, but found no tooth marks. We gave Meg a stern telling off, and went to find where she’d gotten it.

We went to Mela’s brother’s old room, him having just moved out and the room being just a place to put things, and found some bits of foil with bits of loose chocolate. Our worst fears flared: Meg already ate some chocolate before we caught her.

In a panic, Mela tried to make her throw up, but dogs didn’t really have a gag reflex. We called up her brother but he couldn’t drive us to the vet, so we thought we’d wait a bit to see what Meg is like.

We ate the pizza, and saw if Meg acted differently. She sort of wiggled about but it wasn’t unusual. Once she hobbled off into the next room, and Mela thought she was crawling off to die. So we called up the vet, and had a family friend of Mela’s take us to the nearest vet. There, they gave Meg an injection to make her throw up, and it took a while, so Mela and I went to her friend Andrew’s house, where Eileen, who has a car, could drive us back.

We watched some weird funny show from Japan, then got Eileen to drive us back to the vet and back to Mela’s. On the way back, a very subdued Meg stuck her furry head out the window and let the breeze fly through her locks, and seemed to have gained her spirits. Unfortunately for her, Mela had to go back to work, so we left a whimpering puppy in the study.

But it was pretty scary when we found the chocolate, even though in the end Meg barely ate any. I almost feel like she’s a little bit my puppy too.


Sometimes I want to disappear

[Houdini – Foster the People]

I know I am almost a week late on these posts but it sort of just occurred to me I hadn’t written anything.

So, last Monday I went to see Foster the People at the Palace Theater with Amelia, who else… It just so happened that I somehow capped my incredibly large allowance of Internet because my entire family was streaming and downloading lots, so I didn’t have a way to do my timetable registering. I ended up going to Mela’s house super early to use her Internet, while getting the chance to cuddle her dog which is starting to like me quite a bit.

As usual, Portal crashed spectacularly, so in the end I got Annie to do it for me anyway, but at least I got the chance to cuddle with her a bit and play with the puppy before we realized that we were late. We were trying to move some Doctor Who episodes onto an SD card because the hotel room has a TV that can read SD cards, but in the end it took so long that we brought Mela’s laptop along anyway.

We took the train up from Ferntree Gully station, which was a, oh, 1 hour ride…and we managed to get to the city when it was getting kinda hot. We took the tram up to the Palace Theater, where around the corner our hotel stood, and we passed a girl sitting outside the doors with a book and a water bottle. “Surely,” I said, “surely she’s not waiting already? There’s still 5 hours left!” But Mela said, “why else would someone sit outside a venue?”

We went to our room, which was smaller and less luxurious than the NYE one, but came with a kitchenette and cutlery. We watched Ready Steady Cook for a bit, then went out to a late lunch. It took us a while to decide, but we ultimately decided on the new Taiwan restaurant on Swanston, which turned out quite nice. We missed out on an ice-cream parlor because we were running late on relaxing, so we’ve tucked it away in our mental to-do list. We got some cup noodles and cheeseballs which I was craving, and went back to our room with the leftover fried noodles from lunch to relax. We laid about a bit, then started watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood on Mela’s laptop, which I promptly became engrossed with. We started watching an episode of Doctor Who, and I didn’t realize my phone was on silent, because we missed a text from Julia saying she was lining up already. We hurried downstairs and met up with her.

To cut a long story short, I drank a lot of liquid which made me need to pee early, but I was way up front and if I left I wouldn’t be able to make it back. So we stood waiting for the opening act Last Dinosaurs for 90 minutes, and my feet were well sore before the first note was played.

During the open, this girl came up and stood behind us and started having a conversation with another girl in the middle of a song. So loudly. That I still remember that she works at the Art Center and earns 25 an hour. I ended up turning around to tell her to tone it down, at least while the song was going.

Foster was another hour away, and my bladder was really screaming. I didn’t want to leave Mela by herself up front, so I tried to stay with her as long as possible but 4 songs in I had to leave. It was so hard to get out, some people tried to push me back up front. I tried to get back again later, but the crowd was packed from the merchandise table, there was no chance 3 rows in.

Still, even from the back, I could feel the buzz of the crowd. If anything, Foster the People were good performers. Their big finale, obviously, Pumped Up Kicks, shook the place, and even at the back we were jumping.

After the gig, I was drained and unfortunately had no energy to go with Mela and Rebecca from the Wombats to Maccas, so Mela and I went back to our room. We heated up the leftover noodles and watched more FMA, then Mela ate some of the instant noodles, then felt really sick. We ended up just lying there while I rubbed her tummy, then we tentatively ate some cheeseballs and got ready for bed.

Accidentally left the air con on, so we froze if we didn’t pull up the blanket, and boiled if we did. Got up super early the next day to pack up and check out. Mela was tired and not a morning person, so I made toast and washed up. We got out just in time, and went to State Library to drop off our super heavy bags then went to Degraves for breakfast, as Mela’s never been.

We ate a full breakfast and ran into Dani who saw my check-in and called me to say she was next door. Then we walked around a bit and shopped for presents, then watched some more FMA at State before taking a train home.

So yeah, big day. Some else happened in Thursday which I will write about very soon.