I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you

[Imagine Me And You – The Turtles]

Day 16: Write another poem, about the weather.

Ugh. And I should be good at this considering the practice I’ve been having lately.

Today it was cold
Not icy cold, just shivers
It was 16, so I was told
I watched the city quiver

Uh. It will be warm soon
Yeah, unbearably so
So grab a spoon
And some ice-cream to go

That’s pretty much it
I mean, that’s the crux
Ugh, you know what, I quit
Go read from people who give fucks


Loving Someone, But See Them Rush To Throw You Away

[Do You Know – Enrique Iglesias]

Day 08: Write a poem.

Boo, I’m too tired and uninspired to write one right now.

A is for Awesome, of which she smells

L is for Lethargy, the Hell of hells

E is for Energy, of which she lacks

X is for Xylophone, of which, like talent for rhyming and timing, she also lacks


Tiny tragedies

[No Such Thing – John Mayer]

Day 06: Recommend some books to read.

The awkward moment when you don’t read as much as your aspirations allude to.

Just recently I got 3 of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series for super cheap, so I’ve been reading those. They’re very good, but I suppose having seen the TV show first I compare the book in relation to the TV show rather than the other way around.

Also recently saw Tomorrow, When The War Began (so behind schedule), which has made me want to read the 7 books again, even though it takes so long, and they’re hard to track down these days. They were good too, but the last I read them was in Yr 8, so my memories and tastes might have been changed.

Other than that, I used to read a lot of teenage sci-fi, most of them about people whose bodies get enhanced, or who gets super awesome tech. Spy High and CHERUB were good series for my phase of secret agents, and who could forgo Animorphs? I also remember a series called Fearless, which was pretty cool, but probably a lot chick-y if I read back on it now.

Ooh Jackie French’s Outland trilogy was also pretty awesome in my memories. And Michael Lawrence’s Withern Rise.

And anything by Isobel Carmody, assuming you can slog through the thick volumes. And Gillian Rubenstien’s Galax-Arena trilogy was pretty neat too. (Very Australian selection, I know, because of my primary school library’s stock.)

Douglas Adams, who can forget him? Totally worth renewing his trilogy of 4 countless times just to work through it!

Yeah I’m nothing special when it comes to books recommendation.

Oh um, that wizards book that got really popular. Movies were made. With the hot actress. You know which one.


Your hair is everywhere

[Screaming Infidelities – Dashboard Confessionals]

Day 04: Write about someone you love.

I’m doing pretty badly at this daily deal ha.

I find, though, for these kind of topics, unless you’re dating someone, or you have a best friend who everyone knows you’re best friends with, if you commit to writing about someone, you’re committing yourself to them.

Or maybe I have commitment issues I never realized or thought I would have.

For example, just a few days ago Jen was talking to me about possibly moving in together as room-mates in the soon-but-yet-unseen future, and weirdly enough I actually started freaking out just at her words – we could figure out who does the cooking, and we could take turns doing the icky jobs – and I was surprised I was genuinely freaked out.

It’s not that I dislike being around Jen – far from it, I don’t think we’ve ever had a boring time when we hung out – or that I think she’d judge me (much) when she sees what a slob I am – mostly because I’m slobby in public – but it’s more just living – LIVING – with someone else who hasn’t been part of my conscious day-to-day life since I was born (I am generalizing, because for me, my parents aren’t actually the ones who I consciously remember growing up with, but I did start living with them a good decade ago so the weight of the memories are enough) actually freaked me out. It wasn’t the thought of all the responsibilities I’d have, because I’m sure as much as I’d fail at it at the beginning, I’d soon pick up the rhythm and take care of myself, but it was just…SEEING Jen ALL the TIME.

There is no nice way of saying this.

But, back on track. Writing about a specific someone not only elevates them to a status of “First Who Came To Alex’s Mind”, but also “Now Expected To Always Come First To Alex’s Mind”, because why else would I mention them? I have a stockpile of who I can write about: Jen, obviously; Annie who I see all the time and who has been there during all the bad times; Dani, because Dani; Clare, because she gives great hugs; Bianca, for making me see the world differently; I could pick people who I don’t talk to all the time, whose support I sometimes let melt into the background, such as Katherine, who put up with a LOT of weird stuff from me; Catherine (yes…) who talks to me like we’ve never had any time apart even though we rarely do talk anymore; Julia, because haha I won’t revisit the random historical crap there but kudos to her; Steven who as a guy, manages to put up with all my weird ass mood swings, and over MSN too; Dom and Andrew who, at the same time but through different means, were probably my first proper guy friends in the era I call After Annoying-Adolescence.

But are any of them deserving of the ONE SINGLE mention? What qualifies them above the others?

Maybe I’ll revisit this question when I’ve gotten a significant other, and I can shamelessly put them above the others because it’s okay, no hard feelings, and no cold feet freak outs.


I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad

[Mad World – Gary Jules cover of Tears For Fears]

Here’s something to get the post counts flowing again:

Day 01: Your views on death, how you cope, etc.
Day 02: How you introduce yourself to new people.
Day 03: What you think about love.
Day 04: Write about someone you love.
Day 05: A list of things you fancy doing.
Day 06: Recommend some books to read.
Day 07: Write about the arts (music, art, dancing).
Day 08: Write a poem.
Day 09: Photo of your favorite pillow.
Day 10: How you wake up in the morning.
Day 11: Write about your sibling(s) or what it’s like to be an only child.
Day 12: Your relationship with your parents.
Day 13: Write about what you believe in, be it God, yourself, etc.
Day 14: What you do for Valentine’s Day.
Day 15: Write about the best gift you’ve ever received.
Day 16: Write another poem, about the weather.
Day 17: Post your favorite gif.
Day 18: Your plans for tomorrow.
Day 19: Write about something you fear.
Day 20: What did you eat for dinner last night?
Day 21: Your favorite thing to drink.
Day 22: How you take your coffee or tea.
Day 23: Your favorite thing to wear.
Day 24: Another poem, about the shoes you wear most often.
Day 25: Write about where you live.
Day 26: Your favorite smell.
Day 27: Your thoughts on the internet.
Day 28: Write about how you feel today.

It’s 2 am now so I think I’ll go to bed, but when I come home from seeing an old high school friend later today, I’ll start.