Distance between loved ones: < 50 cm

I just saw a post on Tumblr that says that the distance between two people can be indicative of their relationship. It was mostly done as a way to present the bro-mance in several of Tumblr’s  fandoms (Sherlock, X-Men, Supernatural and Star Trek), but it made me think of something – unless we have to, Mela and I never stand more than a meter away from each other.

Thinking about that then led me to think about something else – for the past 11 days, and for about a week before that, the two of us were very self-reflexive and analytic about our actions and feelings. I don’t know if it’s healthy for us to keep looking back at every moment and telling each other what we think it means. I think my writing about my feelings here like this instead of telling her straight up is probably going to cause some problems, but it’s a thought that  just struck me.

And don’t think I mind talking to her about us, because of all the people I’ve met, I think she is the most on my wavelength – sometimes to almost freaky levels. Once I woke up, and reached over to my phone to text her (yes, blergh, I know) and in that exact moment she called me – so I pretty much never worry about misinterpretation. But I think constantly thinking about the relationship on a meta level and picking it apart won’t be good for it.

It’s easy to be with her – I feel comfortable beyond what I thought a relationship would feel like, and it’s only been 11 days, so I’m meant to still be in the “gotta impress her” stage. I think I might stop analyzing it so much and just enjoy each day.

By the way, we went shopping today, and I got a pair of shorts, hence making this week my most successful shopping week. We looked at puppies at the pet store, and then went through CDs in JB Hi-Fi and sang whichever song we knew to whichever artist we passed.