Words Of Strangers

I had 2 encounters with strangers today which I found worthy to be mentioned here.

Number 1: on the train home tonight with Jackie, I decided to be mean and continuously tried to stop her from dozing by poking, nudging, and making a nuisance of myself in general. This was partially because she’d said earlier in the day that she “wasn’t that easy to be really angered”.

When we’d reached Syndal, the second last station, the lady who sat opposite me spoke up. She gestured at me and said to Jackie, “She’s a bitch, eh?”

I laughed, “I sure am.” Jackie laughed as well. Seeing that really Jackie wasn’t too angry, the lady went on:

“Are you two siblings? Because if you were her sister,” she fixed her gaze on me, “she would have WOOSH hit you already.” The lady slapped the air, mimicking the exact action that Jackie actually uses to hit me.

“Oh no we’re not siblings,” I replied. “But she does hit me.”

Number 2: as I logged today onto WordPress, I saw on my user dashboard that I had a “pingback” which is when someone linked a post from my blog in their post. I followed that link…and I saw this. (Now she gets a pingback as well.)

Firstly, it was actually an amazing feeling to realize that something I blogged actually inspired a complete stranger. I felt accomplished for the week.

Secondly, this amazing experience was further spiced by the fact that she referred to me as “a guy”.

This happens in real life because apparently I look androgynous. I don’t really mind that much anymore (except when I’m clearly wearing feminine clothing and speaking out loud. I know my voice is a little husky but still…) but having a stranger on the net mistake me for one based on the one post she read…do I WRITE androgynously?

In other news, I went on Bridge Rd with Mandy, Dorothy, Struong, Joanne and of course Jackie today. Lots of walking produced nothing. Y.A.Y. I left my scarf on the train. I was absolutely shattered. Absolutely shattered with milk flying everywhere, along with my tears.

Someone get me a nice new (man)scarf please. (Oh yes I see how I don’t help my case much.)