I’ll Find Deep Inside Me I Can Be The One

[Your Guardian Angel – The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus]

I don’t know if 2 years in a row makes it a yearly thing, but yesterday was Whitty and Yeleng’s birthday party – again.

It wasn’t as hot as last year – in fact it was much colder, windier and wetter.

Managed to persuade Lily into making a more than 1 hour journey to East side, and then another 20 minute bus ride to Rowville. We did some grocery shopping for the games we were meant to play – meant to because, in the end, we played 2 of them. So I guess Whitty just gets a bunch of random food like Aeros and Nandos sauce.

Anyway, the party was predominantly Whitty’s Swinburne friends, with the next majority being Monash people. Then, we had 3 Melbourne people, and then we had Lily. (Hahaha…) So at the start there were some group division but as the night went on, people started warming up to each other, and the vodka.

I was in Whitty’s room with Lily trying to play some guitar, and in conversation I’d mentioned that Whitty has a cat as well as Penny the dog – Penny was a bit TOO friendly with Lily when we first arrived. I mean I’ve heard of bitches being forward but this was ridiculous – and we wondered where the cat was. Halfway through trying to play a Bruno Mars song, a black creature suddenly leaped out of Whitty’s closet and streaked out of the bedroom, drawing screams from Lily. At the same time, Whitty’s Swinburne friends decided to arrive, and I was pretty sure their first impression of Lily was a screaming ball of panic, and their first impression of me was a less than sympathetic friend laughing her spleen to waste.

Swin, Yeleng and I were managing the games, and the first one we played was the one we’d played the previous year, which was to eat ice-cream off of kitchen utensils, most of which were definitely not spoon-like. After watching people try to lick ice cream off egg-beaters, and getting brain freeze, the Monash team lost, and as punishment Lois and Andrew had to lick Nutella of different sides of a cling-wrap…at the same time. This punishment made Lois not want to play any more games at the risk of having to, God forbid, be close to her boyfriend again, but the videos and pictures were well worth it.

The second game included one person being blindfolded and feeding the other person jelly with straws like chopsticks. I don’t know why but the jelly didn’t set properly, so it became a matter of who could shovel the lime flavored goo into the other person’s mouth faster.

At the end of the night, the party more or less dissolved into people just crashing on all the couches watching people play video games or watching TV. The Swinburne kids enthusiastically took pictures any time they could, and I wasn’t so tired as to not try to photobomb one or two of them.

At around past 11, most of the people had started leaving, so Aymee, being the cooler P-plater that she is, drove me home. I was pretty damn jealous not only of the fact that she has her Ps, but because she’d also gotten her own brand new car. My fear of a friend driving me to death has been quietened, too.

And now, I have to go watch some DVDs that dad brought home, and then get ready to go out tonight to see my Melb Uni crew.



Today at lunchtime, Dani brought Andrew to school again. By again I mean he was there yesterday in the Common Room from recess to lunch (and apparently got mistaken for me a few times) and by “brought” I mean “snuck in”.

Also, Etah, Dani’s roomie’s hyperactive mutt, was brought along for a walk.

So, Andrew and Dani got sushi and ate behind the gym, hidden from view by the water tank. Etah was leashed to the garage door (which thankfully stayed closed and therefore down).

Anyway, towards the end of lunch when Andrew had finished eating, he let Etah off the leash. It was fun watching the dog run around with Andrew until Etah bolted for it, around the water tank and into the Lakeside courtyard.

Dani shouted, horrified, “Baby! (Andrew) Don’t let the dog into the SCHOOL!”

Andrew started running after Etah, but stopped short. He couldn’t reveal himself.

So Dani chased after the happy fugitive, with April in tow. I followed them, infinitely amused, and watched as the two of them chased hopelessly after the dog which bolted for freedom. Etah was ecstatically running circles around the couryard, and April and Dani were running after it, flapping their arms in futile attempts to fly and shouting “COME BACK DOG! COME BACK!” all the while to an audience of bewildered and also very amused MacRobbians. I laughed, of course. Then Etah started bolting towards me, so I quickly let it chase me back to Andrew, who leashed the very excited mutt.

That was most definitely the funniest part of the day. If only I had the chase scene on film.