A dotty recap

I’ve been slacking off in the documentation of my activities…so I will dot point what has happened since last week (a feat I don’t often attempt, lest it decreases my writing skills)…

Starting from last Saturday:


  • Went to the dentist to get my teeth checked up and cleaned.
  • Went to the Glen to hang out with Mela a bit.
  • Ended up buying the Hunger Games trilogy box set.
  • Had lunch while standing up from the lack of seats – it was a weirdly busy day at the Glen.
  • Went home and read the Hunger Games (1st book) in one sitting.


  • Rushed out of the house because parents left later than expected, leaving me the tiniest window to catch up to my bus.
  • Did manage to catch the bus, and went to have lunch with Mela before her shift.
  • Went home but didn’t really feel like reading the second book.
  • Downloaded a lot of eBooks – for free!


  • Stayed home all day because I promised my parents I would.
  • Mela was having a terrible day, and I couldn’t go out to make her feel better.
  • She ended up going to work as a last minute notice.


  • Went to Chadstone to hang out with Mela, Cindy and Brendan.
  • Shopped! Got a new pair of Vans, a new YD waistcoat and Mela surprised/snuck past me by buying me a shirt I liked before I could stop her.
  • Pestered Ser- at work. She had her eyes on a “cute” guy who was working at Gloria Jeans opposite her. He wasn’t cute.
  • Took the bus home with Ser-, Brendan and Mela – Cindy went to work.
  • Cindy bought a shirt, which is something she doesn’t usually do. Mela bought a pretty dress. Brendan bought a strawberry milkshake.


  • Went to Knox with Mela so that she wouldn’t be bored at home before her late shift.
  • Hung out and I checked in everywhere with Foursquare.
  • Were disgusting everywhere we went holding hands and such.
  • Looked at a ring at Michael Hill but I ended up chickening out because it was just a bit above my price-range.
  • Both of us got freaked out when the lady brought up lifetime warranties.
  • Got some chocolate caramel popcorn from the new popcorn place.
  • Had a massive chicken club sandwich for lunch.
  • Big hugs and kisses goodbye because the day ended way too soon.


  • Late start, went to meet up with Annie, Vania, Marvin, Julia and Tiff at MC with Mela.
  • Mela surprised me again by showing up on my bus.
  • Had lunch with the group, then they went to see the mummy exhibition while Mela and I stayed in State Library games room so she could play Pokemon while I watched Despicable Me on her lap.
  • Head scratchies!
  • Caught back up with the group and went to Giraffe for dinner. They were all so hungry they all finished their risottos.
  • Played Big 2 for a bit – Annie remains unskillful.
  • Went home – head scratchies on the train back! Mela says she pampers me too much.
  • Went to bed early because I felt tired and sick – Mela stayed up and played Pokemon until 2 am.
  • Slept 11 hours and got up today to laze around before going to Dani’s dinner later!

More to blog about tomorrow! Why, it’s Brendan’s annual birthday party! How the time flies.


Twisting My Stomach Into Knots

[Sound Of Settling – Death Cab For Cutie]

I’ll write this before I get too lazy to. Today, David and I went to the city to meet up with Jac after he accounting exam.

The train ride up we spent talking about Naruto and Detective Conan. It is fun to talk to someone who’d seen a lot of the episodes. He also told me about some Death Note stuff which sounded pretty interesting.

We got to the Exhibition Hall where the exam was taking place, and we realized we had 30 minutes left. So we walked around the building to the Museum, and looked around a bit (we were going to take Jac into the museum since she hasn’t been before) and when we went back out, we started discussing what I would do if I’d bought the Exhibition Hall as my house. The renovations I would do, etc. It got a bit too wishful thinking, but I did enjoy the idea. Yeah, because I can make the museum part of my backyard, and have the IMAX theater as my personal theater. Easy. Ha.

I saw Steph W when she came outside, and she gave me a decent hug, which is all thanks to my awesome advice.

Saw Josh N, and so we were waiting with him when Jac came out. Steph W and her friends decided to take the tram to Melb Central, and David, Josh, Jac and I decided to walk to Melb Central, seeing if we can win. We did!

We all sat together and had Nandos for lunch. I think I might have weirded out Steph’s friends. I discovered that Nandos have Extra Extra Hot Peri Peri sauce. It burns! I LOVED IT! Will have it always now.

We made Jac decide on what to do after lunch, because she never ever ever ever makes a decision. In the end I suggested that we go to Myers so I can look at alarm clocks for her birthday. So, technically, she didn’t decide. Still, as David said, baby steps.

On the train home, Swin called David, and I stole the phone and talked to her for the ride. WHAT!? I haven’t talked to her in months and she can always call David later.

Said bye to David and his friend Matt at Glen Waverley, and Jac and I went to the Glen food court to bum since I don’t want to go home. We played Fruit Ninja, and I beat the best score that Jac couldn’t beat on her iPod, meaning now she really can’t beat it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to buffet with Mandy and the rest. Really looking forward to it! Gonna save me a bunch of money with the 2 hour ticket after 6 pm thing haha.

I had a chat with Steph on MSN just then, and she made me see just how awesome Jac is. So I will be more grateful from now on about being able to be Jac’s friend.


I Can Close My Eyes And Disappear

[Swimming In Miami – Owl City]

I went to Jenny Z’s house today! It was amusing solely on the factor that I wasn’t allowed to say hi to her parents…

I got to the Glen early (saw Carmaine there, who greeted me by poking her tongue out. Hi to you too) and tried to see what I can get Dom but he didn’t help suggesting anything, so I don’t know. Just walked around I suppose.

Took the train up to Mt Waverley a bit earlier than I’d planned, which apparently freaked Jenny out. She specifically told me to not say I’m from MacRob. I didn’t know why.

When I arrived at the bus stop, Jenny called me and asked if I could see her. So I looked down the road, I looked up the road, I peered around the corner and I looked to the other side. Nothing.

Turned out she was standing about 150 meters away, a tiny purple speck in my short sighted eyes, waving.

We went to a park that’s near her house and ate some snacks, and watched a small boy try to play on the playground. She poked me first, therefore it started a whole day of poke-age. I swear she started it! It was not fair and she blamed me on starting it, I mean she’s taller than me with bigger hands so clearly she had the advantage.

That was me building myself up to be the victim – because I was one.

We went back to her place when I felt some hayfever starting to attack my nose.

When I got into the house, Jenny told me to just run into her bedroom, so I only managed to say hi to her dad as I walked in.

Spent most of the time in her bedroom just lazing around. She gave me heaps of anime and manga stuff, including Ouran Host Club and Kuro…something. Something about a butler. I liked a few pages of it so she gave me most of it. Yayers.

Mucked around on Facebook a fair bit, and I made Jenny look a little schizophrenic because I just commented on her behalf, and instead of you know, actually telling what she thought she’d reply to my/her own comment. Nonetheless, it was amusing especially when she decided that entendres that could easily be taken wrongly was something to be shared.

Then we played some Barbie Uno. Okay. What the hell. They have this card called the “Friendship Card” which lets you swap your cards with say, someone who just called out “UNO!”. THAT’S NOT FRIENDSHIP! THAT’S FUCKING EVIL! And there was that time when I put down the Wild Color Choice one, and I didn’t know how to describe the color except: “Um…hot pink?”

I left at round past 5, and we walked to the bus stop. I missed a bus by one light crossing, so Jenny waited with me. When I was on the next bus, she told me that she was actually going to wait with me for half an hour if it took that long. I was all like saying to myself, “awww”. It was a nice touching moment which made me look like an idiot on the bus smiling to myself.

Sorry if this sounded choppy. I’m tired. I had to spend the entire day acting like a ninja and blocking Jenny’s attempts at poking and tickling me.


25 Things I Hate About You

Got this off Vania’s blog but I also know that it’s been circulating around Facebook.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You  have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(Clearly, tagging is a Facebook thing. I’m not tagging anyone. This is a BLOG. I just don’t have too much to blog about.)

1. I’m short-sighted but I only wear glasses when I read, not when I’m out and about. It’s a bit of a contradiction because I suppose short-sighted people technically need it for out and about, and not for reading. But oh well.

2. I have that stupid “7 Things” by Cyrus stuck in my head right now because of my title.

3. I bite my nails, which is a bad habit. But for a while in Year 8 I went through this phase of growing my nails so long, that someone said I should cut it ‘cos its length is disturbing. I never managed to grow my nails again.

4. I wish that FRIENDS is still going. Actually, I just wish that I can write for FRIENDS. Not because it was successful (that too) but because it’s such a well-made show.

5. I. I don’t know, I wrote the last four starting with I. I should write one starting with something else.

6. YOU. Heh.

7. If there’s any mythical creature I could be (and I mean, in any myth. Ancient Greek, Gothic, Ancient Chinese, Japanese etc) I would be a vampire. Yah.

8. Once, I read a book where a main character had a habit of chewing his lips. I liked that character a lot so I started chewing my bottom lip as well. It’s now become a habit, and my bottom lip is dry, cracks a lot, has bruised-looking bits where the flesh split. Stupid son-of-a-bitch book. It was a good book, though.

9. I have a tendency to make close friends with people significantly taller, or at the very least noticeably taller than me, with a few exceptions. And by them I mean Bee, April, Yeleng, Swinsetbsnm…(Shorty Who Is Not Short Enough To Be Shorty No More. Yeleng came along and took the title of “Shorty” from Christina. Christina is now known as Swin.)

10. 25 is a really big number. I could end it here and it will become “10 Things I Hate About You” but of course THAT concept has been taken.

11. I’ve planned out my funeral songs. I think a few people already know this. But for reference, those songs are “Savin’ Me” by Nickelback, “The Reason” by Hoobastank, and at the end of the service, when they’re playing a nostalgic but fun-filled slideshow of my life, I want “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter playing. So far, barring Nickelback, my funeral songs have been put on Singstar for me to fail miserably at whilst I’m still alive.

12. [BANG!] Mm whatchoo say…

13. I think back in Grade 5 or 6, I wanted and wished that Pokemon is real so badly that I even made up this story in my head about what would happen. Basically, it went something along the lines of every one of my other classmates getting a Bulbasaur or a Charmander or Squirtle, but then a specially lucky student gets a Pikachu, and I got the Pikachu, and then there was this invention which allowed us to open portals from our world to the Pokemon world (I have to specify, I only went as far as the Kanto region, but I suppose it’s okay seeing as from there you can travel to Johto and Hoenn anyway). I wanted that so badly one day I woke up thinking, “okay, today the news will say that Pokemon is real and that all the children will embark on their new journey as soon as possible.” Of course it never happened.

14. Going onto that, I also wished for a while that Beyblades did more than just zoom around the stupid shoebox. I wished and I pretended like I could control the toy with my will, like they do in the anime. I’m such a dag.

15. Looking back, actually I wished a lot of the anime world was real, depending on which one I was into at that time. Case in point, I wanted to be one of the ninjas and live in Konoha with Naruto. I wished that I believed in “The Heart Of The Cards” and kicked ass alongside my alter ego like Yugi. I wished that I one day realized that I’ve got Saiyan blood in me and I could power up to Super Saiyan and fly around and shoot energy balls from my hands. I wished that I was one of the Wicked Witches and killed Bloom and all her stupid fairy cronies (Ha, okay, I wasn’t into Winx Club but I was going through Toasted TV in my head and I remembered it). I even wished I was in Onizuka’s class in GTO, even though I would have to have something drastically wrong with me.

16. I started blogging on WordPress after I went to  journalism conference with April all the way back in 2007 (or 2006, but I’m pretty sure it’s the former) and they were saying, if you want to get better at writing, then keep a blog. I’ve sort of tried to write with accurate grammar, or thereabouts, on my blog.

17. It annoys me when people just say to me “You’re smart, you’ll ace it.” I’m not, and I don’t.

18. Haha this just popped into my head from this afternoon: “I have CDO. It’s OCD but in alphabetical order, the way it should be.”

19. After I think reading on a book about 2 girls who were raised as individuals but one day found each other by chance and realized that they’re twins, and together they had magical powers (I said I’m a dag, right?) and I think the series was called T*Witches, anyway, after reading that, I wondered if maybe I had a twin out there. At first it went like my parents had to give up my twin and I’m living with my birth parents. Later it changed to I’ve been given away and I meet my “real parents” and they’re awesome and my twin is heaps fun but she’s much girlier and all my friends are surprised when they see her because it’s strange to see a girly version of me.

20. Fuck, nearly there.

21. What a cheat, haha!

22. I’d like to think I’m a good listener. The thing is I wasn’t before, at all. So I don’t know if I’m a good listener by general definition because I can’t be any worse of a listener than I was before, save actually saying “LA LA LA LA” over someone else talking to me.

23. Pon and Zi are so adorable, and I loved them more when I saw the artist’s earlier works, when he didn’t find his love, and they were really hurtful and pained, and to see the pictures now when he’s become happier makes me love Pon and Zi more. My favorite at the moment is the one where the yellow one (can’t tell which is which) is saying to the blue one “I love you” but the blue one has music on and didn’t hear him.

I Love You

24. I love Bianca, Carmaine, Eunice, Dani, D.P. and April. More than anyone else. I know it seems a bit redundant when I’ve put up so many names. But well yeah.

25. FINALLY! This was harder than the ones with prompts. If someone has one with prompts send them over.

Keep Cool (I love You)


Bonjour, 2009

I went to sleep at around 1 yesterda…no this morning (force of habit. Before Sleep is “Yesterday” After Sleep” is “Today”) after watching the fireworks by myself in my dark living room, with the volume turned down to 7 because my parents went to sleep. I silently mouthed “happy new year” to myself as Channel 7 counted down the New Year for me.

So, what did I do NYE night after I blogged?

After finishing dinner and watching What A Year on Ch 9, I played The World Ends With You for a long time, and then came downstairs to watch Lovely Complex (an anime). I laughed a lot watching it so it wasn’t too bad. I watched it until 11:50, and went upstairs quietly to turn on the TV for the countdown. I knew that Carmaine was at a party (which she told me about today, and it sounded and looked really awesome from the photos) and I knew that Bianca was probably dancing her time away and Eunice…who knows. When midnight came I sent off the batch of texts I had pre-done. Vania replied that I got it on the dot again, so I’m very happy. Jen replied “so everyone knows it’s my birthday?”. Got a few more, then I went to sleep.

Woke up at 9 today, had breakfast, checked emails (net uncapped, hoorah) and went upstairs to start chopping stuff because mom planned on making dumplings. Then, just as I finished chopping, the phone rang. I thought it would be Bianca, it usually is these days, but a soft and familiar voice said, “he-llooooo”. I couldn’t hear it properly because it was soft and I had music in, so I made the voice say it a couple more times before “Oh hey Carmaine! Happy New Year!” She told me about the party yesterday and then she said that she was really bored at home. So I invited her over (first impromptu invite ever) and she arrived in time to eat some fresh dumplings. I looked through her photos of her cruise – backwards chronologically – and it was really awesome, everything that she took, the beach,the sea, the ship, and of course a backwards trip through her various stages of sun burn. Which has now progressed to a very rich dark tan. I mean, her socks and shoes were almost fluro against her legs, and her white short shorts gleamed. Her teeth, when she smiled, was a bit like Ross’s on that episode of FRIENDS when he whitened his teeth too much. I think that the tan will fade after a while, but Carmaine is now indubitably worthy of dark-tan jokes. Which I took full advantage of today. It got to the point where Carmaine called me mean for making all those jokes. But you know that I love you and wouldn’t make those jokes if I didn’t.

We played a few games of pool, she soundly beat me in all games but one. Then we went upstairs and watched some afternoon kid shows (Malcolm In The Middle was good but everything after that got Carmaine to make a face like she’d swallowed a lemon covered in acid) and we did a couple of sudoku’s (she’s so cool, she’s got a sudoku book).

Went back downstairs, watched an episode of Lovely Complex (I thought Carmaine would like it since it’s about a freakishly tall girl) and then she played one last game of pool before leaving about 20 minutes ago. Of course I hopped right on and blogged about it. Ha..ha..sigh.

Not a bad way to spend the first day of the year though. Since I made her laugh a lot, I am about to send off an email to make Eunice and Bianca laugh, thus starting my year long campaign to make them laugh at least once a day.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Happy birthday, my baby Jen.

Claymore Part 2

Okay I watched just one more episode, and now I know why there are only female Claymores (sorry if I looked foolish yesterday).

At the beginning there were male warriors as well, and they were a success but remember what I said about Claymores going over their limit and turning into an Awakened Being? Well, when male warriors unleash their Yoki, it equals a kind of sexual pleasure for them, so it is tempting for them to keep unleashing their Yoki and going over their limit, so they because AB’s a lot more often. Because of this they stopped creating male warriors and just let loose the bunch of male Awakened Beings into the world.

Right, well I had that off my chest. On with watching Claymore.

De Fluffe, Out.


A while back (I can’t even remember how long ago) Carmaine introduced me to an anime called Claymore. Then, Mary gave me some episodes. Just today I decided to start watching it. And it is AWESOME! So to do a quick summary to get someone interested:

It’s set in a world where humankind coexist with monsters called Yoma. Yoma basically eat human guts and they can disguise themselves as humans so they’re rather sneaky bastards. To fight the Yoma, the humans will have to request help from an organization of Yoma-hunters. The humans call these hunters Claymores (the hunters themselves don’t call themselves by that title, it’s just what the humans do). Claymores are half human, half Yoma, and when they do battle they unleash some of the Yoki, which is Yoma-power. Their eyes turn from the usual silver to gold. At some point, all Claymores will lose themselves and turn into a Yoma. Usually when they sense their end is coming, they will send out a black card that in their sword, and on the black card will be the symbol of the Claymore that they want to be killed by (each Claymore’s symbol is unique, like their DNA or name or something) and that chosen Claymore will have to kill them before they become completely Yoma, so that they can die “with a human heart”.

All Claymores are females, because for some reason that is the only way you can have half human half Yoma (maybe there is a reason, I’ve only seen 10 eps). All Claymores are blonde, fit, ninja-like, and have silver eyes. Except for some reason their boss is male.

So the story is about a Claymore called Clare, who, in a mission meets a boy called Rika, whose family has been slain by a Yoma. Rika follows Clare around, and at first you don’t know why Clare lets Rika do it but then you find out that when Clare was a human, she was in the same situation as Rika, and she was adopted by a Claymore called Teresa. Teresa was the best Claymore ever, being Number One, and in order to protect Clare, Teresa killed a human. That act is taboo in Claymore society, and Teresa was meant to be executed, but she wounded all her executors and turned her back on the organization. Therefore, the male boss sent Numbers Two through to Five after Teresa. Number Two was a rookie called Priscilla, and she hated Yoma very much and was so strong that one day she could surpass Teresa (Teresa is so strong that she doesn’t even need to unleash her Yoma powers when fighting). After a really long battle, it seems that Priscilla has lost control over her Yoma side and was about to turn into a Yoma, and Teresa offered to kill her. But Priscilla tricks Teresa and kills Teresa, and then Number Three to Five. Priscilla turns into a being stronger than Yoma, an Awakened Being (or Voracious Eater), and leaves the terrified and human Clare behind. Clare finds the male boss, and requests to be made into a Claymore.

We then find out that Clare is the worst Claymore. In the 47 regions, she is ranked Number Forty-Seven.

The last episode I watched was when Clare joins three other Claymores who are hunting an Awakened Being, but was surprised when they realized that the AB is much stronger than they were told and they would be screwed with a Number Forty-Seven.

I like it because it has a lot of gruesome bits. For example, when Priscilla killed Sophia and Noel, Numbers Five and Four, she did so by punching her claw into their brains, through their eyes. And when Clare killed Yomas, she did it by slicing them through the middle. The fighting animation is also very well done, on par with that of Naruto and I guess DBZ as well, but DBZ would be considered from “another era” of Japanese animation. It also reminds me of Appleseed, however Appleseed would be considered a different genre, it being a 3D animation of sorts.

Anyway that was my ramble about Claymore for today. I’ve found my new addiction. I need to get more episodes, now.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. I guess I have to add that it’s similar to Naruto also because they drag battles on for a few episodes.

Actually useful?

So, to quickly explain to those invisible people who read my blogs, never commenting, and never leaving a visit-trail (I like to keep my fantasies…)

In school I have – as well as April, the only other person on my Blogroll – been given a writing folio task (DEATH TO A 3-PIECE FOLIO!) and one of the choices we had was to write a blog.

I thought, hell, why not? I have one here that isn’t…My(Pimp’dUpHo’dDown)Space or Fatbook/Facebox… (Even THOUGH, believe it or not, Facebook was another choice on which we can do our writing folio…)


So this writing task has a theme “Being Australian”. It goes hand-in-hand with “Being Bored In Class”, “Being Purposefully Dumb And Stereotypical Just To Get A Bloody A”…etc. Funny thing is, my teacher might actually be reading this…I still don’t know if I’ll give her a URL for this, or if I’ll print it off. Either way, chances are she’ll see that first post I made (you know, the one with the word “fuck” in it) and I’m not a big fan of editing things after I’ve posted them…so that f-bomb is a-stayin’. But I think I might refrain from swearing (too much) from now on.

The following few blogs will most likely be for the assignment. I know I don’t blog often, but who knows? I might feel the urge to blog suddenly over the course of my assessment, so, Miss E- (I don’t write your full name into my blogs unless a) it’s a common name like Jenny, or Julia, so forth, b) I’ve done it already accidentally before or c) you’re April…since April already has her name posted on the same blogging site) if you are reading this, please only assess me on the blogs titled “Being Australia” (then subsequently Part 1 Part 2 etc), and everything else…well just don’t read. Or if you do read it, ignore the fact that I swear freely when I write, and also ignore anything I might write about school, teachers, students etc…I mean, come on, this IS my personal blog.

To end this rant, I might clue in on my invisible buddies on what’s been going down so far in my life since I made this blog back in March (if you read that first post, Miss E-, then you’d know that I had a blog before this from this site, and on that one I swore a LOT more…).

So, Term  2 of my first year of VCE has started (and pretty much ended) and there haven’t been any maaajor dramas. Not for me anyway. For some other people in my life however, relationships have formed and crumbled, strengthened and..died..thus completing what is more commonly known as the circle of complaining. (Yeah, I ripped that one off HIMYM. Great show, really got into it.) So basically, when shit happens – we’ll use some examples – such as when Th- would complain to me. I would then complain to April, who complains to An-. An- then complains to Bo- who in turn starts laying it on So-. So- would relieve her frustration at Ti- who would bitch to me, thus completing the circle of complaining. Sure, I totally left out Th- but if you knew my group, then you’d know Th- would never link up.

I’ve been watching a LOT more shows online (soo dodgy…) one of my preferred sites is NOT YouTube, however, it is Acidito. It’s not bad and you can get most of the shows on there: Simpsons, House, Lost, Smallville etc. Except it loads as 1 whole episode so for those who can only watch it in sections ‘cos of crap internet…sorry dudes.

I’ve also very recently been CRAZY about VAMPIRES! AND NO, not because of TWILIGHT! Twilight, by my thoughts, actually disgraces vampires. I hope to GOD the movie is good because otherwise…[shudder]. No, I’ve fallen in LOVE with vampires because of the awesome anime/manga series called VAMPIRE KNIGHT! If you want to read the manga go here and if you want to watch the anime, it’s on Veoh (go put in search “Vampire Knight”, and if you want to download the vids, you have to download Veoh TV first). Of course, VK anime is also on Youtube.

Well that’s all for now, for now. Yes, I WILL be back soon, okay? This time I have to..dammit…

Not long until my 17th, and definitely not long until my beloved Bi-‘s. Ca- has done a freakishly awesome job of organising her pressies.

De Fluffe out.