Where have all the flowers gone?

I was just watching 20 to 1 life changing moments, and in it at I think number 18, was losing your virginity. There was a stat that said that the average age most Aussies lose their virginity is at 17.


I also remember back in Brentwood when we were having a chat in history class, and one of the guys asked the teacher who was a bit of a dork when she’d first kissed a boy. She said that her first boyfriend was when she was at 16, and everyone laughed at her for being “frigid”. I remember that instance quite strongly and thought at the time that I’d have a boyfriend before I turn 16, for sure. Well I didn’t. I still haven’t been kissed. In a couple of months – during which I don’t foresee any chance of me having sex – I’d turn 18, and be a whole year later than the average age.

But let me just justify myself here. While I don’t exactly plan to follow the “sex after marriage” thing, and maybe I might take a one-night stand or two here and there, I don’t think I’d be a nympho. I won’t exactly do it with anyone or use sex as a bargaining tool.

While some people say that it’s an important part of life and I should wait for the right person, I’ve had people tell me it’s not that big a deal, really. So I don’t know. Losing it would be a relief. I hope I don’t sound like I’m soliciting.

Oh how naive I had been last year to think I could lose my “lipginity” before I turn 16. And then 17. Now 18, please, 18.

De Fluffe, Out.