Oh my retinas and eardrums…

Today was Mai’s Karaoke thing at K-Box.

So I got to Melbourne Central uber early to eat lunch by myself (aww). I had cravings for Nandos chips from the night before, so I went and got myself the chips, some Coke, and sat down in front of the Everywhere Internet terminals and ate while being on Facebook (I invested in an account earlier this year. Go me).

Then at around 3 I went down to the clocks, to wait for the 3:45 meetup. The clock was singing Waltzing Matilda when I sat down.

I had to go around the seats twice before squeezing myself in a spot between two people. They left after I tried to get between them. Oops.

Sat there and started reading Hard Times while tourists took photos of the clock above my head.

Tam, Hao and co. arrived and then the others left. I managed to convince Hao to stay.

Then, when I went to the bathroom and returned, Hao had left. Tam said her mom wasn’t happy.

Tam went off to buy her formal dress. Good organization skills, there.

Al-, Thy, Mel and Emily showed up, and then went upstairs to the foodcourt whilst I stayed at my post, too lazy to move.

At 4 Mai had arrived. I sat through the clock AGAIN!

We waited a long time for Diep but she didn’t show up, so we went to K-Box. It was windy.

We waited at K-Box for a while for reasons that were beyond my comprehension, and then went inside when Diep showed up.

Karaoke scares me, especially when they do it. Plus they picked Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears. Ehhhh

Before you could say “Japanese Karaoke” Al- and the others had whipped out their cameras, switched on flash and started burning out my retinas. Diep at some point actually randomly pointed the camera around the room and went “flash flash flash flash” until I SWORE I was blind.

Jenny arrived after that.

Sang a few more songs (rather I watched them do it), like Iris, As Long As You Love Me, Barbie Girl etc.

Had to leave at 5:30 because Emily needed to, and we were taking the train together. My eardrums were bleeding from all the enthusiastic screaming Mai did.

And now I HAVE CRIMINAL MINDS that I’m being late for.

Hold on while I knock the ringing out of my head.


Happy birthday, Mai.

Another chapter

Now, you’ll notice I titled my 4th chapter “How To Save A Life”. I’ll watch myself before I start titling every chapter after a song title. God save me if I start naming, say, Chapter 9 “Oops I Bit You Again”. Ooh witty pun there, wasn’t it? No.

What a fast update, you say? Well Chapter 4 is a little bit wishy washy. I know I haven’t gotten to the action yet. I will.

I ended up only writing 2 Chinese essays, and not a single spot of Detailed Studies which I really really really, with all honesty, have to get a crack on.

Tomorrow is Mai’s! She says that Karaoke might not happen. Well isn’t that just a kick up the bum.

[Looks around] nope I seemed to have covered everything.


/edit Okay apologies, but I’ve got more! (Try to guess the original title and artist, and suggest some of your own! If you don’t get it because you didn’t read my writing project, basically make some sort of vampire joke in song titles…or alternatively go read my writing)

“I Bit A Girl (And I Liked It)”

“Big Girls Don’t Bite”

“Dead And NOT Gone”

“Bite Bite Bite” (“But it ain’t no lie baby bite bite bite”)

“As Long As You Bite Me”

Or go for the lyrics if you have to:

“You know, for me you’ll bleed yourself dry. For me you’ll bleed yourself dry.” (Ooh graphically dark)

“I’m not gonna bite you a love song…”

“She wiiiiiill..be bitten…she wiiiiiiill be bitten…”

Feel free to be as wrong as you like. The ones I wrote were kinda lame.