I think you know what I’m getting at,
I find it so upsetting that,
The memories that you select,
You keep the bad but the good you just forget.

Which To Bury, Us Or The Hatchet? – Relient K

I think that everyone tends to look back on things and remember the bad bits, and not quite remember the good bits, unless they were REALLY good. And even then the good memories are sometimes outweighed by the bad. For example, Year 9 camp was heaps fun, met a lot of people…FELL OFF BIKE. So was Monash Camp, learned a lot about friends and had fun away from home…ROOM WAS TOO HOT, BED WAS TOO SOFT. And so it goes on.

Anyway, just then I had my Canadian friend Simon link me to a video he made. Y’all know about “misheard lyrics” where people get a song with slightly hard to understand pronunciated lyrics, and put funny fake ones to it? Also, you all know about the Numa Numa guy? Danced to that song Dragostea Din Tei (Rhianna used the “Maya Hee Maya Hoo Maya Ha Maya Ha-ha” part in a song, I think). Anyway, Simon did Misheard Lyrics to that song. Here it is.

Keep Cool (and remember the good times)