Come On And Hold You Like Candy

[Thieving – Lovedrug]

Today I went to see Paranormal Activities with Jen, Sonia and Susan.

I got up very early and took an early train to the city. Went to Melb Uni to ask a few questions (mainly asking what other choices I have now that I PROBABLY won’t get into my course. I fell 0.25 short of the required score, which is 97.6 You do the maths). Then went to Allan’s Music (I got lost. Don’t ask) to get a capo – lingered in the guitar section looking at all the cool electric guitars – and then went to the Secret Book Shop (I swear there is a name for that store) to get Wreck This Journal for Katherine.

Okay, errands were done. I went back to Melb Central, where Cathy said she wanted to meet up. I went to the upstairs foodcourt to get something to nom on seeing as I was a bit early, and as I was walking in I saw in my short sighted peripherals some chick with an Asian fringe pointing at me. I veered towards that blob, and I realized it was Mai, with Jenny T and D.P. and Wes. I sat with them for a bit (they’d just come back from staying at an apartment for Esther’s birthday). Ate their food instead of buying some. Win.

Cathy called again, so I went down to see her (HUG HUG HUG I haven’t seen her in so long!!) and teased her a bit about growing out her fringe. Then we went back to Allan’s where Jen was waiting. We went upstairs and Cathy showed off on the electric violin. At around 12 Jen and I went back to Melb Central and met Susan.

Okay, so, bought the tickets (Bel and Julia pulled out) and then ate lunch at Grill’d. Could their burgers BE any bigger? Made so many rude jokes about Jen and her meat. Stuffed ourselves silly, and then basically the three of us played on our iPod/iPhones (Unblock Me!) for ages. Then we went down to the Asian grocery to buy cheap noms for the movie. Jen took ages to decide.

Went to see the movie, Hi Sonia! Pee’d, and then sat down in our seats for the movie. The previews were nothing fresh, so the movie started.

Can I just say.

Do not.

Under any circumstances.

Pay money to watch it.


It was so boring! And it wasn’t even scary. I mean, at least Scream was funny, to make up for it being not scary. And if you’re going to do a handheld camera horror about possessions, then at LEAST try to match SOME of Emily Rose’s awesomeness. No, it wasn’t creepy that you tried to pass the whole thing off as “really happened” because we KNOW it didn’t. Instead it was just annoying watching the guy and the girl walk around bitching to each other. The ONLY remotely fun part was Night 21, and when the psychic pissed off after being scared. That WAS pretty funny.

Anyway, I wasn’t really ever taking the movie seriously (Susan, on my left, clawed the air in fright every time a sudden movement happened) and then my phone buzzed. I had forgotten to sign out of MSN. Jenny Z started talking to me and I told her about how bored I was watching P.A. She laughed and told me to be patient and wait for Night 21.

There was this funny bit in Night 20 where they were sleeping and their sheets got blown like there was air under the sheets. It was meant to be creepy because it’s the Demon getting in, but I giggled and said, “Haha she farted” which made everyone laugh. So, moment ruined.

Then in Night 21, when it was really tense, I pushed Jen who screamed, “STOP DOING THAT!” and then the guys behind us started laughing ‘cos they saw me shove Jen. Then when the girl stood up, and, possessed, walked over to the guy still sleeping and “supernaturally” removed his sheets, one of the girls sitting in front of me said, “He-lloooo” in a suggestive tone. Another scary moment ruined.

To top the whole thing off, when the movie finished and the curtains closed, music came on in the theater. Guess what song? Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.” WHAT?! “I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night” after a (supposed) horror movie? WHO THOUGHT OF THAT?

Left the cinemas laughing.

Walked around with Sonia and Jen for a bit (Susan went home) and then said bye to them pretty quickish. Got home, dinner’d, and then went driving for a bit (first time in 2 years). I was actually still pretty okay at it. So. Here’s to muscle memory.


P.S. Didn’t mention Jenny Z enough. Hi Jenny Z. My master.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

So, tomorrow is Sale! Sale! Sale!

I don’t understand how people can think I meant a bargain sale. I didn’t say “I’m going to a sale” I said “I’m going to Sale”.

Anyway, just reminding those who might’ve forgotten that I’m at Sale tomorrow night so I won’t be able to blog. I could, however, write down what I want to write about so on Tuesday when I return I have something.

Just watched Aquamarine on TV. Oh dear. Oh dear. What an awful movie. What an awfully funny and funnily awful movie. And I don’t mean funny in a good way. But it took me a while to figure out that the main girl was the chick on Wildchild.

De Fluffe, Out.