You know what, I AM awesome…

I suppose this is becoming common-place: my blogging about Mr Short bagging me in various ways.

What’s on today?

We were in the final 5 minutes of our Wednesday arvo class, and bored, I grabbed Jen’s foldout ruler and played with it. When I say foldout I meant one of the ones that fold out in the middle like an L shape.

Anyway, I was basically flicking it so it folded out and straightened, except of course sometimes I flick too hard and the ruler bounced close again. It would hit my knuckles pretty hard. I was okay with it, but Jen grabbed it off me. That was fine too, until Mr Short noted, “very elegant, Ruyi.”

So I dropped the ruler, and as a habit picked up a pen and started spinning it between my fingers.

“Now look at her! Champion pen spinner. Takes years of practise there!”

So I’ve decided to basically stop doing anything in class. Maybe then he won’t say anything about me.