Your Hair On My Pillow, Your Smell On My Sheets

[Heels Over Head – Boys Like Girls]

Sometimes I have these little daydreams which are – as you’ll see – incredibly self-centered. Now, this particular story-line follows Samantha Who? a little bit. Hey, originality is hard to find these days.

I would wonder, if I was in an accident where I hit my head pretty damn hard, and sustained head trauma just enough to get amnesia, but not enough to, you know, lose my sexy head of hair, then what would happen when I wake up?

First of all, I’d consider who’d be at my bedside, whose face would be the first blur upon my memory. Now, keep in mind, I have retained all my life-long knowledge i.e. what little maths skills I have, what the capital of China is etc, but I simply lost all memory of people, and any activities I did with them.

Right, so obviously the person by my bedside would be my first source of “where am I, who are you, who am I?” I’ll probably get told that I was in an accident, lost all my memories, and the person by my bedside is either a parent, or a close friend.

But the fun part is, “who am I?” I’ll get my name, my age, and from there a few more answers will provide me with where I live, what I am doing currently (university student, at which point I will remember that I go to Melbourne University, and knowledge of the media I learned).

But who am I? More visitors will come into my room – I hope. Face after strange face. Hi, I went to high-school with you. Hi, we hang out at uni. Names will blur. Each of them will tell me a bit more of who I am, through the memories I’ve shared with them. Remember, we used to go to the State Library to study, but instead we played games in the Games Room; you call me Douche all the time! You have to remember me, come on, I was one of the last people you were with before the accident, you call me Manwhore, remember? Okay, you might not remember who I am but…do you remember what Gooka stands for? Look at my eyes, look at my small tiny eyes! Listen to how I say ‘three’ funny!

And maybe I’ll start remembering things, small snatches of people and events. Maybe, maybe I’ll read through this blog. I’ll browse through all those other pages of my life.

But then the clincher: Will I like me? I already said once that I don’t like Scrubs because the humor is too close to my own sense of humor, and for some reason it repelled me. Basically, if I met me, I’d hate me.

Think about it, would you like you? Would you like you for who you are now? If not, why not? I’m not saying “change who you are to be a good person” I’m just saying “take a look” and see.