Do You Like My Stupid Hair?

[First Date – Blink 182]

Well, you may have noticed that I have yet again, again, again, again, I lost count, again, changed the theme of my blog. But this time I neglected to get one with a header image. In fact, I’m thinking (and pretty much am doing) of getting a Tumblr, so I can be more arty farty and whatnot, and post pictures up there. Well it was either Tumblr or Blogspot. Actually seeing as I haven’t applied for a new one yet, someone tell me what they think I should do.

There are cons and pros of each, of course. The con of getting a Blogspot would be spending hours and hours trying to make it look good, like Katherine did for her blog, and in the end you can’t comment. Boo. The pro is that it’s not Tumblr, and Tumblr confuses the crap out of me, what with reposting and all that junky stuff.

The pros of Tumblr is that 1) it would be easier to keep track of Meghan and Mai’s stuff, and 2) from what I did manage to gather it is easier to post different types of stuff, like quotes, texts, photos etc. The con of it is again, it’s Tumblr, and Tumblr confuses the crap out of me.

Either way, I’m still going to maintain my WordPress. I’ll be nuts not to. WordPress is the best one for massive chunks of writing like I do, and I have so many memories here anyway, I won’t abandon it. I will somehow find a way to link to my Tumblr/Blogspot when/if I get it.

Also, I am having a dilemma in choosing a suitable URL for my new site. Defluffe is SO 2008. I’m stuck with it now, here, but fresh start to a new blog.

Finally, I changed my Twitter account to ileapforyou. It’s PROBABLY not the best name, but I got annoyed thinking of names. Someone tell me off and suggest a new one.

Alright, take care, everyone, and keep the comments coming in for the many suggestions I know you have.