Pilin’ boxes at the door, tryin’a block it

I can’t believe I actually forgot to update today. So this is a rather late entry for today.

Well, I was right yesterday, we stayed home today. I went online but of course no one was really on because, come on, it’s Boxing Day, everyone’s gone shopping.

I’m going out tomorrow, though, because mom still has to return a pair of shoes she bought. Well not so much return as exchange…because the clerk gave her two right feet. I don’t know. It’s just one of those crazy stupid things that are done by the same kind of people.

Hopefully tomorrow we will go to a good Yum Cha place for lunch. I haven’t had Yum Cha for a while, even though I have had my fair share of dumplings recently. We made a huge batch of them, ate them for nearly 2 weeks, and besides that Carmaine and Bee had wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant on the last day. So. Lots of dumplings.

I remember going to Knox’s (or was it Chadstone?) Myers on Boxing Day 2004. It was boring and we only managed to buy a toy bear, Patrick. I think that day was rather overshadowed in my memory by the fact that we had that tsunami in Indonesia and whatnot, and my friend was holidaying there at the time.

I also remember, it must’ve been 2001, because summer of 2002 I went back to China, or was it 2000? Anyway, I remember in the summer of 00/01, my cousin’s family from Canberra came over, and we went to the city on Boxing Day (now, back then, city was like, an awesome place you go to every once in a while for a treat. Unlike now. For school. And for general living.) and a few shops were closed but we went to Crown and we must’ve walked down Southbank (I didn’t know at the time, it was all a blur to me, basically in my head, Flinders St station was next door to Crown and Exhibition Centre). I was on the tram, and my cousin Julia (different Julia to the one I usually mention who is from my school, of course) was trying to explain what Boxing Day was, but I don’t think she knew it either. Seriously, what the hell is Boxing Day?

Speaking of Julia, I remember on the train back that day (now, it had to have been 2001, because that year we went to Melbourne Zoo. Why the hell do I sound like an old grandma recollecting childhood memories?) it was one of the old ones, I think they all were the old ones back then, and the driver for some reason kept on sounding the horn so Julia and I sang along to that. Okay we were numbskulls. I was also 10. Back then we lived near the Glen, so it was a walk from dinner on Kings Way. We went to Rock Kung (I remember for the following reason) and Julia and I took home the refresher hand towels. We pretended that the air was poisonous and we had to cover our mouths with the hand towels, and we made a racket walking home screaming to each other “NO YOU HAVE TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH COVERED!”

See? Good memories. I think the last time that Julia came over was just before I started MacRob, so summer of ’05. I haven’t seen her since then. I kind of wish they’d come over again (‘cos like hell I’m going to Canberra. If they met us halfway at Sydney maybe) but apparently mom and Julia’s dad, mom’s brother, are having some kind of misunderstanding that Frank, Julia’s dad, doesn’t know about. I mean, it’s stupid because our house is actually rather large now (the last time they came over Julia and I slept on the study floor. While we still don’t exactly have enough beds, we have more bloody room). But I guess it’s all for the best. I mean, what is the kind of person I am now, if family comes over they’d just complain about my hair in my eyes, or the way I talk, or whatever.

Well this turned out to be a long blog.

Hey, a small bit of info about me you might not have known: I love stuffed animals. Soft fur, huggable, either small enough so I can make it a puppet in my hand (small) or large enough to bear hug. I don’t want any hard limbs, I want the really soft kind, with an open and cute face. I have 3 teddy bears (as well as a tiger, a rattlesnake, a dog, a Tassie devil, a Toyota penguin, a very large duck and of course the dog that Viv gave me this year. All of the abovementioned animals are named after their specie, ie Tiger, Snake, Dog, Taz, Toyota, Duck, and I called the new dog Andrew…guess why. And the bears are Patrick, Ranger – being a ranger bear – and Bear).

Wasn’t that edge-of-your-seat-interesting?

Hey, whoever comments, tell me something about yourself that I don’t know.

De Fluffe, Out.

Christmas 2008

I’ve taken a leaf out of Vania’s book – at the rate I’m going, I don’t think Vania will have a book left – and am writing my blog to type up later.

So let me tell you about my Christmas, up until right now, which is 2:02 pm.

Yesterday I found that my internet capped, so under excruciatingly slow loading, I wrote my Christmas Eve blog. I stayed online for a while, complimented Jen on her raw sexual appeal – what? You think I’d drop it? – then went offline, upstairs, and started watching Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It was…nice. I didn’t much get the fashion parts but to watch near human perfection flaunt across a runway…that was nice. After a while it occured to me that the drawing I was doing at the time became influenced by the show. I flicked to ABC and was delighted and surprised to see the Vicar of Dibley. I guess ABC bought it from Ch 7. Watched it until nearly elevent something. Replenished myself with instant noodles. Then started watching this old movie which was a rather good piece of satire. Eunice’s text message came through, then about 11:40, I decided to call her. We chatted for a while, about her recent camping, snorkelling, what I’ve done, and comparing a certain someone to a lobster. Then, midnight came and I said Merry Christmas to Eunice – because of QLD, they’re 1 hour behind – and then sent a few texts out. Vania congratulated me on my accuracy. Go me.

I went to sleep, and woke up at past 8 by my bladder. Got a few replies, and started cleaning my room because of the aforementioned dad and son coming. I went online, (haven’t updated, of course) and saw no one on. Got a bit lonely, so I checked my blog. Found a complete stranger wishing me a good Christmas, despite. That really made me s mile. So hey, maybe the Christmas spirit is in me.

Or maybe not. The dad and son ended up being nearly an hour late, and I found myself smiling at my dad’s annoyance. I watched A Carol Christmas which was badly scripted, then the son and dad came. Had a late lunch, sipped some wine, then finished watching The Grinch. And so here I am now (thank you April, for a funny reply).

And you know, unless something really awful happens between now and when I type this up, I had a good Christmas.

It is now 6:36 pm, and nothing really awful happened. Yep, my parents more or less left me alone for a solid 3 hours and chatted with the dad. Don’t know what the kid did. This morning mom bashed her foot into something and didn’t realize it until it started bruising later. Now it’s voluptiously bruised and shes got a towel stuffed with ice on it. I made the ice for drinks. I think we should get ice packs. She’s applied some heat bandage onto it now. I never understood ice then heat. But whatever suits her. Bianca hasn’t yet emailed be about tomorrow, so still don’t know if I’m to spend Boxing Day with my parents, and having my mom complain all day about the bruise, or if I will spend it with Bianca. I almost kind of want to stay home alone, but the net capped and well, that’s no fun.

Hey, thanks to GK for her nice comment, seriously. I hope you had an extra good Christmas ‘cos you did a nice thing.

Merry Christmas, to all those who read this. Have lots of fun, but be safe. Don’t turn a night out into a nightmare. The government should pay me for this ha.

De Fluffe, Out.