Hybrid Couple Names

Today Jen and I took the tram to Flinders together after our guitar lesson got cancelled and us not knowing about it (since we didn’t go to ensemble at lunchtime. Had we gone we’d’ve known sooner) and we got onto the topic of, once again, the perpetual gayness that is Bel and Julia.

(Sorry guys, but honestly…)

Okay, to clear the air for my readers and for the sake of both their reputations: Julia and Bel are most definitely NOT GAY. Although at a glance you’d think, “You’re kidding right? What could be more gay than those two!?” but really, really, honestly, they’re not gay.

I’m not anti-gay, quite the opposite (ooh I think I just took a standpoint on a semi-public blog. Will I get flamed?) but I’m just clarifying for THEIR (non anti-gay) SAKE that they’re not gay.

Okay, to my actual point.

We (Jen and I) were discussing how when they’re together, it’s cute and all, but there is a limit of mushiness that we as their third-party friends can handle before it just becomes plain uncomfortable. You know how if you’re third-wheeling with a friend and their boy/girlfriend, and they get a bit kissy huggy “I lub chuu”-ey and you sorta have to look away with an embarrassed but hopefully not digusted expression? Yeah, with Bel and Julia it’s pretty much like that except they don’t kiss, they just hug and punch a lot.

Like when we were at Sale, and Jen and I were sitting separate to them (and Vania was with them but for the sake of this argument let’s move Vania a bit further away) and throughout the night every time I looked at them they were sort of in each other’s arms (in a really non-gay way. Can I stop saying that now?) and sleeping on each other.

Or the fact that they celebrated their one-year anniversary (of meeting one another).

Okay, so Jen and I were still saying stuff like, “Could they BE more gay?” (that was me) and then I was musing out loud about hybrid couple names.

Take for example, Brangelina. By the way, they’re Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in case you’ve been (in the words of Sonam) “living in and just come out of a rainforest”.

Or Posh and Becks.

You get my drift. And Wutinie, if you’re going for closer to home.

Jen said, “Yeah, you know you’re an official couple when you’ve got a hybrid couple name.”

There was a pause.

And I said, “Julinda.”


We’ve now got a “Couple Name” for Julia and Bel. To make it easier to refer to them, we shall call them…


And the world rejoices.


“Storm’s comin'”

Today I went to see Benjamin Button with Eunice. It was a hot walk to the bus, but other than that it wasn’t too stinkin’ a day. Actually, before I write more I should explain that if I sound funny today, it’s because I still have Benjamin Button’s southern New Orleans drawl stuck in my head. I’m thinkin’ in it.

I got to the Glen maybe 15 minutes to early, as I usually do, so I went to the Asian grocery and bought 2 juice boxes. I thought it would be a nice thing to do, to get a cold juice box to be waiting for Eunice when she shows up. She appreciated it so I guess I did my job as a friend.

I don’t usually talk about how great a movie is too much, except if it really grabbed me. Well, this one was good, and it wasn’t like the stuff I usually see and like. I mean, it was long an’ all but I really did like it. It had its funny moments, and it had its touching moments (I think Eunice showed exactly how touching it was, right?) and I think it was overall very well scripted and well maybe one day I want to analyze the symbolism a bit more because it really did have some amazing ones I picked up and a lot I know I missed. The thing is, the story isn’t exactly too hard to figure what would happen. And that’s a big part of the movie’s theme. It’s about the inevitability of life and death. We all know, going into the movie, that in the end he will die, and the movie goes onto that. But the way that it was executed (apart from the flash-forwards which got annoying but I guess in the end it served its purpose) and the power of the message behind it is absolutely excellent.

So, to explain my title. Since it has quotation marks around it you’d guess it was a quote. Well, a side gag in Benjamin Button was about an old man. Button grew up in an old folks home, and there was one guy who, through various stages of Ben’s life, told him “Did Ah eh-vah tell ya tha’ Ah was struck by ligh’nin’ seven times?” Well, I found the clip of those instances. In the clip, they didn’t show the bit where, just after the guy told Button that it was God reminding him he’s lucky to be alive, the old guy sniffed the air and said, “storm’s comin'”. Well, he ought to know by now, right?

It’s corny, but I really do think that this movie made me think twice about love. About living.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Brad Pitt had quite a lot of makeup on when he had to play as himself young. But apart from that rather funny faux pas, the makeup and the way they made the characters older were astounding.