Make It Through With Hopes And Wrists Intact

[I’m Like A Lawyer With The Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me & You) – Fall Out Boy]

That is a bloody long title. So this is another I-was-watching-TV-and-remembered-I-should-blog blog.

I’m sure that a lot of TV shows and movies do this to some extent, but the one I remember the most vividly is from Bring It On. It’s the scene where Kirsten Dunst is brushing her teeth and her new-found friend’s brother who will soon become her love interest is brushing his teeth next to her, and they take turns spitting into the sink.

I have no idea what the point of that scene was, but the whole time I was distracted by one thing:

There was no toothpaste foam to be seen.

Now, I’m not saying that when I brush my teeth it’s little Asian Santa Claus, but I mean, there is a noticeable slightly minty rabid look to me when I brush my teeth. When I spit..I actually have stuff to spit out. In the movie, their toothbrushes had NOTHING on them, and pretty sure they weren’t spitting anything out really.

So, I concluded that either I’m actually the odd one out in the whole world, or they simply were doing it to make the actors look good.

If it’s the second one, then I gotta say, that annoys me. I get it if, for aesthetic purposes, you fix hairstyles or put more makeup on than usual, but brushing teeth? Really? Is a little bit of toothpaste foam around the edges that un-sexy that you have to create a scene that is so annoyingly fake?  One excuse could be that the actors can’t enunciate through the toothpaste – but how many times have you seen actors pretend to have a mouth full of toothpaste when their mouth is completely clean? And how many people have been unable to understand someone with toothpaste in their mouth to the point of complete incomprehension? And if worse comes to worst, just get the actor to SPIT OUT THE TOOTHPASTE! It’s more natural than seeing someone brush with a clean toothbrush.

And that’s…how deeply I am thinking these days.