The freckles in our eyes are mirror images

[Such Great Heights – The Postal Service]

Day 05: A list of things you fancy doing.

Oh no, a Bucket List.

I always tell myself, start a Bucket List! You’re gonna regret not starting one when you’re in your mid-life crisis. I suppose its a good thing that I’m turning a new decade soon, so maybe I’ll start a Bucket List (a new page on this blog? Wow yes) on my 20th birthday, and just add on when I remember things. So this post will help kick the (Bucket) List off, so to speak.

I suppose you can always look at this just as a “list of whims” instead of “your Bucket List”, but let’s be honest, my whims are endless and¬†insatiable. ¬†On an hourly basis, I change what I want to eat dozens of times.

Okay, so, obviously all the big favorites like

  • Skydiving
  • Hot-Air Ballooning
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Licking the Statue of Liberty

And the more artsy ambitious ones like

  • Writing at least one good trashy fiction book
  • (I won’t put down Writing at least one good movie, because that’s actually a desired career path at the mo’)
  • Having a few moments of pure musical bliss where everyone present is singing the same thing at the same time, and not at karaoke – one moment for each different stage of inebriation.

Things to happen to my body, such as

  • Getting at least one tattoo
  • Having at least one scar that I had NO idea how it got there, not even a sneaking suspicion
  • Shave all of my hair off, just once, maybe during a few months of no consequence

Things that happen by chance

  • Dating someone with the best meet-cute story, so not “met them through a friend” but really, purely, coincidental

Things that happen by my willingness to step out of my comfort zone

  • Staying a whole day in a nice coffee shop, and trying to strike up a chat with anyone who would talk to me, and seeing what I learn from there

Geographically related

  • Doing at lease one from each of the above categories in each continent – minus Antarctica, sorry guys, but no coffee shops to be had there
  • Going to Boston, where no one knows my name, and aiming to leave it the same (WOW THAT RHYMED) – so spending at least a month in that city under a fake name and persona

Silly, petty and childish

  • Making faces behind a newsperson on TV
  • On purposely wrecking someone’s street performance – I might do this in Boston
  • Play hide and seek in a huge department store with at least 5 other people
  • Attempt to live out the moment that every hipster-identifying couple desires after being influenced so by (500) Days of Summer, in IKEA. You know which one I mean.
  • Go to a party where I do my best to appear in the background of every single picture (I think I came CLOSE to crossing this off last Saturday but not quite)
  • Do shots off a stripper’s body – oh come on, oh come on you can’t say TV hasn’t romanticized this to be desirable

The list will be expanded and neatened and organized and re-considered in the future.

Hey, this is fun!