At the end of the day…

I went to Mela’s house today, and we watched the HIMYM season premier and Treasure Planet. I very much enjoyed the shows/movie…and having someone to cuddle up with when watching it. Especially the loving aww-moments.

Whew, I am now a disgusting human being.

On the bus home, I was the only passenger, and the driver was talking to me, asking me what I did at uni. He asked me if it was my own motivation or my parents’. I said mine. We both agreed that all the prestige and title means nothing if you’re unhappy – at the end of the day, you want to be happy for yourself, not because you were trying to do it for someone else.


Do I get a golden chariot, or float through the ceiling?

[Jesus Christ – Brand New]

Today was a pretty long day, I suppose, made longer mostly by fatigue.

It’s strange, I was actually rather energetic this morning when I woke up – in the sense that I remembered my entire bus ride.

I came up with a cliche but sound plot outline as a writing exercise in my Screenwriting workshop. It had something to do with Hell being the good guys.

And then, after my workshop, some time between finishing lunch with Pu- and seeing Clare, I lost all my energy.

But I tried to muster up some effort to get excited about seeing Brendan, Cindy and Amelia later on, so I stirred both Clare and I into a sort of…well not frenzy, but we definitely got our energy on.

It sort of surprised us both when around 5 people greeted us at Melbourne Central, and I didn’t know a few of them, and well, Clare didn’t know any of them. I felt a bit guilty that I dragged her to meet a bunch of new people on a day when she was feeling emotionally shonky, but…well I got the feeling that it went over alright, because I was there after all – and that sounded very humble, I know.

After tagging along to Moe-mall, the place where the others had to get their costumes for Manifest the coming…soon, (and after Clare and I, feeling immensely out of place, simply sang along to another store which was playing Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars,) we went to Red Silks for to eat dinner. I was surprised that Clare hasn’t been there many times, but I suppose I do go there too often.

In the end, Clare and Brendan finished off all the unwanted food – Brendan pretty much got a free meal out of the left-overs. We strolled to Passionflower where I had my first ice-cream from their place, and I may have chosen the wrong flavor to voyage into their store, because I ordered Lime Sorbet, and it was rather bitter, but hey I enjoyed it.

We sat at Fed Square for a while – I really need to find a new place to hang out after meals but before trains, because it’s not the best place to hang out weather wise, even though the atmosphere is quite nice, and there’s a very large TV screen. After that, Amelia and I took the train home.

She told me why she was late today. Apparently, without revealing too much, a series of events saw her get on her bus without a Myki, so when she walked past the scanner, she said, in a high pitched tone, “beep!” and then shuffled into her seat. I found that HIGHLY amusing.

Had to take the Rowville bus with her because I didn’t want her to be alone at the bus stop at night. Basically let 3 of my buses drive right past. Well, the first one arrived and, seeing that it had 10 minutes to go, I asked the driver “oh are you staying here for the next 10 minutes?” Bitch smiled and nodded, and then drove off.


Whatever It Takes I’m Not Going To Break The Promise I Made

[When I’m With You – Faber Drive]

This is Day 1 of Sorrento:

I thought that I’d write down some stuff that happened on my iPod so I wouldn’t have to sit through the process of remembering things, and then getting them chronologically off, etc. In the end I put myself through it.

So this is Dec 1, Sorrento Day 1, as far as my memory can reach.

The Glenny line decided to fuck itself up in the morning so after I grabbed some bread for lunch, I met Tiff outside Bubble Cup and her dad drove us to Nunuwading station. We went to Box Hill where we waited for Spanna (and where Katherine failed to get her ass to Box Hill on time to say goodbye. Tut.) and then we took the train to Richmond. Saw Nik, which was a nice surprise. Waited at Richmond for ages because the rest of them missed the initial train. Sonam was with us at Richmond for a while. Took the train to Frankston 20 minute later than thought. The new train system, Metro, seemed to life referring to itself in 3rd person (“Metro now arriving at Cheltnam”).

Arrived at Frankston minus Bel and Julia who were being driven ahead with all the food, and Susan who apparently drove there as well, herself (with her parents in the car too, of course. I think). Waited for the bus to Portsea, and then sat down for the long-ass bus journey. April and I sat near the back of the bus while the rest of them sat in the huge area near the front. A group of dumb girls sat with April and myself. Their conversation provided entertainment and ego boosts.

About 2/3 of the way through the bus ride, and it was around the point of Rosebud or Dromana, some old ladies got on. I told the girls up front to offer their seats and they said that have, but the old ladies didn’t want them. Two seconds later a bogan crazy woman at the back got up, rushed to the front and screamed at my friends to get off the seats and give them to the older ladies. She went back to her seat (where her bouquet of flowers took up an entire seat next to her. Just saying.) and I swear Sonam was about to blow up with anger.

The old ladies then started making lovely conversation with Sonam.

Arrived at Sorrento, and walked to our house, 1 Maverick St, “Winton”. Five minutes in (the house was really great actually) April, Lily and I left to walk to Blairgowrie which is the closest town to get some more stuff. Blairgowrie was approximately…actually Google Maps.

B would be where we stayed. A would be where IGA and the post office was, roughly. 3.2 kms each way, 39 minutes by foot, each way. My feet caned when I got home. (But that wouldn’t be the only time I make that trip.)

The afternoon of the first night was a blur, but I do remember eating BBQ and the cous cous April made. I swear I really did got vegetarian for a whole day, but the BBQ was too good to say no to.

Started on the large DVDs we had to watch. So we watched Silent Hill and that was shockingly bad. Then they watched 10 Things I Hate About You but I sort of knocked off a bit before it finished. Then when they were all done I went back to the couch. The couch, by the way, was actually really comfortable.

I slept well, I had to keep my strength up for the next day.

Which I will write about later.


Wheels On The Bus…Went 2 Stops Too Far

FML moment of the day:

Got to Glen Waverley to find the bus I usually take which drops me off at a bus stop closer to my house had JUST LEFT. So I took an alternative route which would’ve given me an extra 5 minutes’ walk. No biggie.

Yes biggie. Yes a big fucking biggie.

The buzzer on the bus wasn’t working and the bus driver didn’t think to tell any of us that. So when I pressed for my stop outside Whites Lane near Fedeles, it drove past. Now, I was relying on the bus to stop so I was looking down at my phone for the time, so I didn’t notice we’d passed the stop. By the time I’d noticed we’d gone by the 2nd stop. So I walked an extra half hour home.



P.S. Get better Julia!

Suit up and grab me some boobage

On Wednesday it was dress signing day. And after that was the valedictory.

I couldn’t find my school dress so I nicked a huge bunch of papers from the library printer and got everyone to sign on them, the papers, instead. Thus I didn’t have any Sharpie marks on my skin during Valedictory (here’s looking at you, Julia), and people wrote nicer messages. I still haven’t had the time to sit down and read them yet. (AND CARMAINE! You never got to write a message.)

I signed Spanna’s right boob as a joke from the previous day. In the previous day I took a picture of Spanna’s generous cleavage and told her I’d tag one boob as me and one boob as Julia. Which is why I signed the boob that is me on Wednesday.

When I got to school, I noticed that Dani’s left boob got taken by Andrew already (‘cos that’s where her heart is. Wtflux? Don’t ask.) so I got her right boob with “this is mine mine mine mine mine – Alex”.

That started my mission to get as many right boobs as I can with “this is mine mine mine mine (the number of ‘mine’ depended on the size of said breast) – Alex” as possible. I actually managed about maybe over 100? Hehe.

When the boob was taken, I took the crotch.

When both was taken, as in the case of Anto-, I took the bum. That one was actually surprisingly embarrassing.

During recess, someone boarded up all the windows in the common room and we had a rave party. Loud music, people jumping. It was fantastic.

After Legal (during which we did no work but sat around and were happy and took pictures and hugged Nik-) and our last class ever, Dani, Zara and I went to Dani’s place to get ready for Valedictory. I played with the new kittens (these are much smaller than the ones from last year) and they gave me confused looks. (By the way, I tried uploading photos but it wasn’t working.)

Got all my clothes ready, and Andrew came home, changed, and we were off to the Crown Palladium.

When we had finger food (well, it was MacRob, people were fighting for food) we camwhored and everyone remarked how tall the heels were and so forth. Met Spanna’s mom, and a man who I thought was her dad but turned out to be Chez’s dad. That was bloody embarrassing and not my fault.

Sat down for speeches. Trying to fast forward this because I haven’t had breakfast yet…

Had some great speeches from everyone, and it was quite funny when one half of the room’s lights began to turn on and off. Frank and Caro- performed their song and it was quite heartbreaking and caused quite a few tears when Frank started crying halfway through.

Then came the time for everyone to go up and get their stuff. When I went up I called out Clarkey’s name and gave him a high five. It was awesome (despite my mom telling me that I’m an idiot for it later on. I’m not going into that, by the way…)

After Valedictory BRuCE, Fel and our respective parents and the odd sibling or two went to dinner at The Pub at Crown (I finally went to the place SonJ had so much trouble explaining before, she said “the place with tables and chairs and music and people”). I ordered a steak and chips, and it was tough but very delicious.

Went home. That was a disaster. For the 2nd time in a row we had to catch a replacement bus because they were obviously doing something to the tracks at night. Mom felt too sick to stay on the bus and demanded to get out at MT WAVERLEY where we stood around at 11:40 at night in the cold. Couldn’t get a taxi, so had to call a family friend to come up. Parents argued for so long as to who to call that by the time the family friend came up to Mount Waverley from Wheelers Hill, the next replacement bus had come and gone and it was past midnight.

Got driven back to the Glen where our car was parked, and mom proceeded not to drive and just sit there for the next 2o minutes. Finally got home, and had to do all the other things like shower and clear memory space on my camera, so that when I went to sleep it was 1 am, and I was waiting for a 5 am wake up to get to school for early breakfast.

Now you understand why I was tired.

Otherwise, though, the night was incredibly fun, as was the day.

The next installment, which is our “muck up” day, will be written about tonight.


Excitement to the Maxxx

The Glen Waverley line was “suspended until further notice” today because there was an accident somewhere at Glen Iris. So we (BRuCE, Fel and Nat) took a much more cooler route.

We took the Blackburn, disembarking at Camberwell to take the Alamein and got off at Ashburton where we took a bus to Glen Waverley.

That meant nothing to anyone, did it.

When we were at Ashburton, we were waiting for a bus to come. I took out my Jila mints from my jacket pocket, only to have 4 of them spill out onto the ground. Needless to say I was traumatized.

Nat picked one up, and after lengthy discussion, decided not to eat it, and threw it out onto the road.

We tracked the little white mint, rolling away.

And then it started rolling back towards us, being on a slant.

At the nearby lights, the traffic started coming closer.

“It’s gonna crush the mint!”

We watched as the cars came even closer.

We watched as the mint rolled steadily towards the gutter.

The car was 10 meters away.

The mint is going to be crushed.

It’s coming.

It’s coming (oh shut up)…!



We all shouted in disappointment.

Carmaine shook her head a little, and told me I can blog about this, it being such an exciting event.

So I did.