Could it be…?

Today I woke up at 6, and I realized that the phone had cut out. You weren’t on the other end of the line saying “hi baby” when I called out.

Then I remembered that at 3 am I’d woken up again to the same situation, and I called you back. You were still awake, watching TV shows on your laptop. You knew the call cut out but I was already asleep, so you didn’t call me back lest you woke me up. I told you to call me no matter what.

Then I remembered that at 1 am, when I’d first gone to bed, you said that you planned to sleep in late the next day, having nothing to do while I studied, but you’d log onto Skype when I called you in the morning, and keep the video call running while you slept.

It sounds really silly, but right now I am watching you sleep with your nose curled into your blanket. You can sleep anywhere, anytime, even with a laptop glowing in your face.

These days are especially difficult when I have to stay home and study. But it’s only 1 more week until I am free – finished or not.

Sweet dreams, Mela.


Psychic Moment For The Day #1

Since these occurences have actually been frequently showing up, I thought I might just note a few down.

For example once when I was feeling sick, and as I was about to text Bianca she called me.

Or when Bianca and I both realized that we’d done the exact same amount of Maths homework on the same day. And subsequently we both finished on the same day.

Or when Carmaine and I had that grunted conversation (if life was a sitcom, we’d have captions and a bucketload of laughter).

Anyway, Psychic Moment For The Day (“It’s not ‘psyCHIC’, it’s ‘psyCHO'” Go Bekchie haha):

Because tomorrow I’m going out, I decided to call up Carmaine to confirm train times. I went to pick up my phone, and was about to hit ‘5’ to speed dial to her, when I decided that I should turn on the air-con first. So I went about switching it on and opening the windows because we have one of those ventilation systems. Then, I went back to my phone and called her. After a few words, she said, “You know, I’m still on the plane.” She’d just touched down and I could even hear the flight attendant telling everyone that they can unboard later on. So some sort of psychic waves told me that Carmaine had JUST TOUCHED DOWN, and if I’d called earlier she would’ve had her phone off (or I could’ve made them crash) and any later she’d be going through customs.

Psychic Moment For The Day. We’ll see when I get more.

Keep Cool (nothing psychic there. It’s gonna be 4 hot days with the mercury above 40),