Another chapter

Now, you’ll notice I titled my 4th chapter “How To Save A Life”. I’ll watch myself before I start titling every chapter after a song title. God save me if I start naming, say, Chapter 9 “Oops I Bit You Again”. Ooh witty pun there, wasn’t it? No.

What a fast update, you say? Well Chapter 4 is a little bit wishy washy. I know I haven’t gotten to the action yet. I will.

I ended up only writing 2 Chinese essays, and not a single spot of Detailed Studies which I really really really, with all honesty, have to get a crack on.

Tomorrow is Mai’s! She says that Karaoke might not happen. Well isn’t that just a kick up the bum.

[Looks around] nope I seemed to have covered everything.


/edit Okay apologies, but I’ve got more! (Try to guess the original title and artist, and suggest some of your own! If you don’t get it because you didn’t read my writing project, basically make some sort of vampire joke in song titles…or alternatively go read my writing)

“I Bit A Girl (And I Liked It)”

“Big Girls Don’t Bite”

“Dead And NOT Gone”

“Bite Bite Bite” (“But it ain’t no lie baby bite bite bite”)

“As Long As You Bite Me”

Or go for the lyrics if you have to:

“You know, for me you’ll bleed yourself dry. For me you’ll bleed yourself dry.” (Ooh graphically dark)

“I’m not gonna bite you a love song…”

“She bitten…she wiiiiiiill be bitten…”

Feel free to be as wrong as you like. The ones I wrote were kinda lame.

Attention and Chopping Music

When Sneakerologist aka Cheryl commented on my Summer Project which I only put up for about a day, I decided that I want to shamelessly advertise my blog so that more people read it, and so I get famous-er, so maybe one day someone would notice me and say “Oh my god you’re De Fluffe!”

Not that that many people use WordPress anyway…not the people that I know. They’re still being sucked in by Facebook. Diee…

Of course that leaves me the dilemma. If too many strangers end up reading this I can’t exactly be personal, or blog about my day-to-day life. I mean, my life isn’t that much fun unless you’re talking about those “real life” kind of stuff.

The second part is chopping music. Today we made dumplings again (Bee, speaking of which, can I have that container back some time?) and I chopped up a lot of Chinese cabbage but I had my iPod in and I realized that Reclusion by Anberlin and Viva la Vida by Coldplay were good chopping music. I’m helping to cook a lot more, and I am oh-so-close to making a meal for myself.

Right now I’m on

If you watch How I Met Your Mother, I think you might get it. There’s even a 20 minute song that goes with the site. It’s hilarious and long…and has this really bad singer but I think that was irony. Some lyrics include “die Ted Mosby die” “I love you, I love you, I hate you, I hate you so bad”  “I I I I I hate you, you you you you should die.” “I love you I HATE YOU I love you I HATE YOU I YOU..lo-lo-love you, hate you, I ha-ha-hate you and I hope you break down and die. And if you don’t, I’ll kill you, I I I’ll kill you over breakfast, I’ve done it before, but that’s another song (that’s another song) that’s another song (that’s another song) I’ll tell you about it another time (oooooooh, that’s another song)”

It goes on for 20 whole minutes…

Anyway, do go on that site for some fun.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. Tomorrow, results come in! Wooooot! Haha