Honey, Why You Callin’ Me So Late?

[Lips Of An Angel – Hinder]

It was on shuffle, okay?! This won’t be too long, but yesterday I went to Pommy’s place.

I went up to Glen early to buy my monthly (I’m still Team Metcards, sorry. Myki has yet to prove itself to me.) and recharge docket.

Bummed at the Glen for ages. My legs were sore from the day prior, having to bend over to pick up juggling balls (YES I KNOW I’M UNFIT OKAY?!) so I was sort of limping. Walked around David Jones to kill time. Saw some interesting clothes but I’m not a shopper.

Then I went to Happy Cup, and waited and waited for everyone to arrive. Took the bus up to Rowville, and then walked to Pom’s house.

We watched Marley and Me, and by the end I was playing “does Marley die when…?” with Andrew (not Dani’s Andrew). Picked up Jenny.

Had a huge lunch – I think Pom’s mom thought there would be 30 of us or something. So we ate and ate.

Then we started watching Disaster Movie because they all refused to watch Ninja Assassin (by they, I meant Jenny) and I don’t think everyone liked it very much but I did!

After that we started playing Blackjack dares. If those pictures ever make it on FB I think I’m going to crawl into a hole.

There were lots of laughs – at first I was pretty much not caring, so I was busting pretty high. Not as high as Pom did once at 30 – and some awkward dares.

Lois and Andrew made this drink that was basically half a beer bottle of vinegar, water, with some of those hot chillis soaked in for a few good days, and some beer powder. Nashi drank it and nearly choked. I took a swig, and it certainly had a kick to it. Like. A soccer ball in the face sort of kick.

Had pizza in 10 minutes because the last bus was going to leave soon – okay, seriously, Rowville: 8:51 is the last bus?! WHAT?! – and hugged everyone goodbye.

Actually managed to get home on time to watch White Collar.

I’m so tired.


Fly, Birdies, Fly!

Today I went to see 2012 with Katherine.

I met up with her at Glenny station, even though the silly bugger stood behind a wall and couldn’t see her. Went to make an appointment for a haircut tomorrow (yep. Bee, I’m gonna get one) then went to get the tickets. Saw Charlie and Pricilla on the way and I failed to recognize Charlie because he dyed his hair and was wearing sunnies. I don’t think he appreciated it.

We had heaps of time before the movie starts so we walked to the McDonalds in the Glen were we sat and played on our DS. It was epic. Failed at Bomber-man but was an epic win in Mario Kart. Poor Katherine was winning until she got hit by a Bo-omb and blue spiny shell (are those the names?)

Then we walked back to Village only for me to want to get caramel popcorn from Coles. We walked all the way back, got the caramel popcorn – in my haste to be the one who pays I all but threw my coins at the check-out lady – then walked all the way back to Village and it was hot!

Anyway, we arrived at the cinemas way early anyway so we sat around a bit. Gave Katherine a big hug! Awwwwww.

Went into the cinemas and realized our seats suck. Besides there’s a strange teen Asian couple in front of us and it was awkward. So we moved to better seats but got kicked out when their owners came. Got new seats again and this time a bunch of dumb sounding Asians sat in front of us (I say dumb because in the movie the President of the United States is African-American and one of them asked, “isn’t he meant to look like Obama?”).

The movie was pretty good. Very cliche, and don’t get me started on the improbable way the main characters survived. There were also quite a few biblical symbolism in there. One of the funniest and dumbest bits was the main character Jackson having fallen down a huge crack in the ground in a van. By all means he should be dead, but nope he climbs back up and make it on a plane taking off. Also, he, an author, managed to drive through a collapsing city (literally) in a limo missing a door and without breaking it.

There was this guy in the movie called Charlie, who was a bit iffy in the head but he knew everything was happening. There was a scene where he stood before the ground erupting like a volcano and birds were just hauling ass outta there, and he stood there waving his arms and saying “fly, birdies fly!”

Well, won’t give more away. I do recommend seeing it on the big screen. It’s pretty funny at bits. It was a fun day too! Lots of laughs.

Hope to hang out with Katherine again some time.

Also, for many people, they’ve just finished all their exams. Congratulations, guys! To all those with a few more left; kill them good!


/edit Oh crap almost forgot! Today when Katherine and I were walking around the Glen, this really tall guy passed us. I was just making a short joke about her when the guy, instead of stepping aside so his arm won’t bump into Katherine, simply raised his arm above her head and kept walking.

Okay, now I feel better having said that.