Last night was the 2008 MacRobertson Girls’ Speech Night.

For the whole day I had been out, because in the morning we had rehearsals. Then in the evening was the actual Speech Night.

The morning rehearsals were a drag even though we got to socialise a bit, despite the teachers’ many attempts at making us quiet. We made fun of the Endearing Brute – well I did, everyone else laughed – and I played DS for a while. April and Carmaine sat with me most of the time, Carmaine reading any magazine she could lay her hands on, and April being a general NUISANCE with texting EVIL TEXTS! Bianca texted me halfway through, with “I love you *mwah*” I replied “I love you more [rapes]”. And that, my dear reader, is how much I “love” her”. (Do NOT call the cops this is a joke. I don’t know, some people tend to take it seriously.)

Carmaine was reading a bit about “sexual encounters” and she showed April and I this rather disturbing little ditty which, to be vague, included cops, a ton of embarrassment, and some nasty anal thrusting, if you catch my obvious drift.

After rehearsals we went to State Library where Fel and Bee had to buy some books. Some of us went to Don Don’s to buy lunch, then Stoner and I went to Asian grocery to buy drinks. We ate on the steps of the library, and afterwards Bee, Shaz, Carmaine and a few other people who I can’t recall correctly went to go shopping, leaving Stoner and I going to Dani’s place carrying Carmaine’s large bag – and it was abnormally shaped, and hard to feel comfortable carrying. We found Son-, Vania, Dani and April – and Vania’s kickass sunnies – and Dani, April, Stone and I went to Dani’s place. We played with kittens, kicked out Eater who is getting big and annoying, and Lysh- had to be babysat – Dani’s baby sister, she is 2 and a bit. The tiny tot found extreme entertainment in counting to five and making me headbang. When my neck got sore we counted to five and pounded Dani’s butt. Bahaha to you, Dani. One kitten napped in my lap. Lazy cat, stretched out however he wanted and didn’t care about if I needed to get up. Cute-as, though.

Carmaine and D.P. arrived, April left, and at around 5 or later we went down to Pizza Hut. Stone left – and left her jacket at Dani’s place, so if you read this Stoner Dani has your jacket – and we took the pizza back upstairs to the apartment. D.P., Dani and Andrew brought drinks and a roast chicken. We fed, or rather D.P. fed, Lysh- small bits of meat and bread, and Eater ran around wanting food. One of the kittens, who Andrew named Tiger, decided to be cute and jumped and attached himself to my leg, then using all of his tiny claws he clambered up my – thank God, jeaned – leg and settled in my lap, staring up at me until I fed him. Well I didn’t, so suck. I wanted to take him home though. Have you ever had a tiny kitten stare up at you? You’d want to take him home too.

After dinner I changed into my winter uniform, only to have Carmaine not want to go. I changed back into casual and we played Big 2 with Little Cards. Then, for the next 3 hours, we just sat around messing up Dani’s apartment. 3 guys came, 2 of whom are from Melb. High and the other guy from Scotch. Scotch-boy was called Mike but after Andrew mentioned he looked like Sylar (from Heroes) with spiky hair I just called him Sylar, and made many jokes about him killing people. The other two guys are Dom and Jack, and Dom break dances and Jack is smart.

When Speech Night was about to end, Carmaine and D.P. changed into Winter. I didn’t. We took the tram down with the three guys, and then a bus because the tram wasn’t running. Carmaine and I were at Southern Cross (Spencer St, according to her) waiting for an 11 o’clock train when Carmaine’s mom called to take us home.

And here was the crazy stupid part of the night.

I decided to walk down Collins to Swanston, and thus to Fed Square, but I took her the wrong way.  Before we realized our mistake I made us get on a tram which, before I could react, took us to Docklands. Thanks to Carmaine, we found our way back to Bourke/Swanston, and we walked back to Fed Sq., having gone a huge circle and wasted half an hour. Carmaine’s mom’s friend drove us home, and by the time I hit the hay it was 1 am. (My excuse was I have shit sense of direction which Carmaine knows now, and that she should’ve led since she did Geography.)

And that, is that.

De Fluffe, Out.

P.S. If anyone has a program from Speech Night that you don’t want can I have it?