Before The Doors Close

[Keep Holding On – Glee cover of Avril Lavigne]

So, I don’t know if it happens to everyone, but once I stored some Drumstick ice-cream in my freezer for a while and the biscuit bits turned soft and soggy.

Today my parents came back from Woolworths and Mom told me that we’d gotten a lot of Drumsticks on sale, and told me to eat them all soon or the biscuits will turn soggy and the best part (at least for me) will be ruined.

I don’t even know if the freezer really does turn the biscuits soggy after a while, or if it was just a defective box last time, but basically I have a crap load of Drumstick ice cream to myself for the next few days, and my metabolism is still holding out.

I love being an only child sometimes.