Do You Dream I Would Be There?

[Through With You – Maroon 5]

Today I went to Steve’s place for a night of gaming. Brought my laptop to ‘lan’ and everything, but in the end everyone just played on the Wii.

When I got there, Swang was the only girl there, so I gave her someone to talk to. After a long while, Mandy arrived. There’s not really a point in recounting gaming except the highlights, like when we were playing that Raving Rabbids game, and in one of them it required some dancing, and Mandy decided to punch me in her enthusiasm to win.

In fact, both Mandy and Swang are very vocal gamers. Very grunty.

Had pizza for dinner, the traditional meal of teenagers. I was holding onto a stack of those plastic plates when Jacky ripped it out of my hands, and cut one of my fingers. YES I SHALL WHINGE ABOUT IT!

Met an incredibly cool girl called Gloria. We got along very well, very fast, because we both picked on Swang and her atrocious skills at Mariokart. It got to the point where Mandy, Gloria and myself would yell at Swang “LEFT, RIGHT, GO STRAIGHT” and the moment we stopped, Swang would crash into a wall.

I have never laughed so hard, I think, as I did today, as we were watching Swang trying to finish a race. In fact, the one race that she not only did not come 12th in, the one that she finished, the one where she actually beat someone else present in the living room, was one worth celebrating.

Anyway, that post was basically there to remind me of the memories of tonight, and not really to entertain you.


P.S., thought for today: it is one of the most irksome feelings when you get home after a huge night out laughing heaps and talking to people and generally trying to impress people, and you realize you had a small piece of noticeable food lodged between your front teeth. I wish someone would just tell me earlier on in the night, instead of me going home feeling like I was pretty awesome and instead find a bit of food stuck in my teeth.

P.P.S., today was actually my 100th Project 365. Pretty awesome huh? I forgot to take a picture with Mandy.

P.P.P.S., speaking of Mandy; while the hoodie she gave me is insanely comfy, it sheds like a dying cat.

The Stupid Douchey Thing I Did Today…

This really was one of those token non-too-personal embarrassing things to happen.

I was at Safeway with my dad after Chinese school, had my iPod in and was in a half-daze because I was really tired. I was in the biscuits aisle, and mom had just gone off saying something about getting Lipton Tea that was on sale. Anyway, so I doubled back down the aisle to grab a box of Shapes and I turned around, and saw a trolley with a box of Lipton Teabags in it, so I put my Shapes in there, saying in Chinese, “Why are we getting teabags again?”

I looked up, and a confused pottering old lady stared back at me, her gaze saying, “What in the devil’s name are you doing putting a box of Shapes in my trolley? Do I know you?”

So, in an act of inifite grace, I snatched the box of Shapes back, burying my face in my hands and saying, “OH MY GOD I’M SO SORRY! I am so embarrassed! I thought you were my dad!” And she asked me, “Do I look like your dad?” Well, no, my dad’s Asian, male, and fat. You’re old, white, and a woman (I think) so…”No no, it’s just…I was distracted and I…don’t worry, ignore me. Just ignore me. I’m so sorry. Bye…!”

Keep Cool (and your eyes peeled. It’s a metaphor.)