You’ll Never Know I’m After You

[Hold My Hand – New Found Glory]

Screw it, I’m starting song titles 5 days early. In case you’re a new reader/stalker of mine: I put portions of song lyrics in my title, so it really doesn’t have a thing to do with the rest of the blog. I was going to do it for summer, starting December, but I decided to start early.

So, today marked the last exam, and thus the end of the my first year at university. It was a really silly and anticlimactic end: my 9 am exam meant that I had to wake up at quarter past 6, and after getting my adrenaline going so I am awake and walking to uni to be healthy and all that crap, the exam turned out to be more of a test or quiz than anything. When the lecturer/examiner first told us that the first exit-time is 15 minutes past the start, we all giggled at the thought of walking out of an exam 15 minutes in.

15 minutes later, at the first exit-time, half the lecture theater where we did our exams stood up. 30 multiple choice questions, and quite a few of them were really easy. I won’t say that I did them all right, but it was pretty easy.

Pris and I left the exam disbelieving that we woke up early for this. We each called our respective friends to tell them we were done – and were both greeted with half-asleep “uhhhh-huhhhh”  because it was quarter to 10 in the morning, and everyone was still in holiday-sleeping time schedule.

I walked around Melbourne Central for about an hour looking for a present for Lily but…well I failed to find a good present (within my budget). So pretty much I’m a fail friend.

After sitting through the freaking clock singing AGAIN, Steven met up with me and we went and trawled Borders for another hour looking for a present for his friend. There were some pretty funny books – we looked in the self-help section – especially the “Statistics Taught in Manga” and they have this little TB manga girl being taught stats.

Anyway, now I’m home and ready to embrace the holidays. Anyone want to help with my social life? Anyone? Friends? No?


Twisting My Stomach Into Knots

[Sound Of Settling – Death Cab For Cutie]

I’ll write this before I get too lazy to. Today, David and I went to the city to meet up with Jac after he accounting exam.

The train ride up we spent talking about Naruto and Detective Conan. It is fun to talk to someone who’d seen a lot of the episodes. He also told me about some Death Note stuff which sounded pretty interesting.

We got to the Exhibition Hall where the exam was taking place, and we realized we had 30 minutes left. So we walked around the building to the Museum, and looked around a bit (we were going to take Jac into the museum since she hasn’t been before) and when we went back out, we started discussing what I would do if I’d bought the Exhibition Hall as my house. The renovations I would do, etc. It got a bit too wishful thinking, but I did enjoy the idea. Yeah, because I can make the museum part of my backyard, and have the IMAX theater as my personal theater. Easy. Ha.

I saw Steph W when she came outside, and she gave me a decent hug, which is all thanks to my awesome advice.

Saw Josh N, and so we were waiting with him when Jac came out. Steph W and her friends decided to take the tram to Melb Central, and David, Josh, Jac and I decided to walk to Melb Central, seeing if we can win. We did!

We all sat together and had Nandos for lunch. I think I might have weirded out Steph’s friends. I discovered that Nandos have Extra Extra Hot Peri Peri sauce. It burns! I LOVED IT! Will have it always now.

We made Jac decide on what to do after lunch, because she never ever ever ever makes a decision. In the end I suggested that we go to Myers so I can look at alarm clocks for her birthday. So, technically, she didn’t decide. Still, as David said, baby steps.

On the train home, Swin called David, and I stole the phone and talked to her for the ride. WHAT!? I haven’t talked to her in months and she can always call David later.

Said bye to David and his friend Matt at Glen Waverley, and Jac and I went to the Glen food court to bum since I don’t want to go home. We played Fruit Ninja, and I beat the best score that Jac couldn’t beat on her iPod, meaning now she really can’t beat it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to buffet with Mandy and the rest. Really looking forward to it! Gonna save me a bunch of money with the 2 hour ticket after 6 pm thing haha.

I had a chat with Steph on MSN just then, and she made me see just how awesome Jac is. So I will be more grateful from now on about being able to be Jac’s friend.


Ode to Katherine

What? Did that look like a repeat? No, before it was Ode to Catherine and now it’s Ode to Katherine. Different girl.

I guess with this one it won’t be as deep as the one to Catherine because I have yet still a lot more to find out about this Katherine, but I guess for my readers I will explain who this new Katherine is.

Back in Yr 7 when I was still a Brentwood kid, I went to the inter-school table tennis competition and there I met this awesomely crazy little Asian girl. We had a blast that day. We promised that we’d do table tennis the following year as well, to meet again.

Well, we did, except I got on the B team instead and she on A. We still hung out heaps and the impression that I had from that day was we had even more fun. It was like we weren’t just seeing each other once a year it was like we’ve been friends for ages.

Anyway, after that I went to MacRob so I never got the chance to see her again. I stopped talking to her on MSN. I only had her home phone and not her mobile (seriously, I don’t know how either) so I never texted her. She was on MSN, I just never…spoke to her.

It wasn’t until I was talking to Jade on Facebook one day during the holidays when I noticed in her friends list was someone who I’d met along with Katherine. Her name jogged my memory, and I added Katherine as well.

We started talking on Facebook, and lo and behold I finally noticed that she’s been on MSN with me for the past 4 years, nearly every night. I said hi. She said hi back. Then she threw at me about 10 different emoticons, and some lame puns.

And I suddenly remembered why we clicked so well. It was her carefree attitude, her readiness for some humor in life, her way of making me smile with just a small *poke*. And I suddenly missed it. I missed the 4 years we could’ve continued to be friends, to be better friends. I regretted not taking the initiative to keep in contact, and I decided to make sure that this time we stay in touch.

Do you want an example of her humor? Here:

Darn adorable and hilarious, don’t you think?

Well, Katherine, here’s to a renewed and continued friendship. [cue happy emoticon where I’m the pink one who trips over]

She said what?! Figure out her navigation for yourself, I had to.


/edit Oh well, since she mentioned me along with 5 other friends on her blog, I think I can squeeze this in.

Had the Methods 1 exam today, and the last question was a worded one which went “Give and explanation why the approximate value is greater than the exact value?” Knowing I wouldn’t get the mark anyway, I decided to MLIA the shit:

“Because it is an approximate, it would either be greater or less than the exact value. Given only these two choices, and that the question alluded to the fact that it is greater, the process of elimination and logic would provide that it is greater than the exact value.”

Or something like that.

I had Oral…Exam

You’re right, Dom, that joke never gets old.

Yes! Yes! I have done and dusted my Chinese oral…exam forever and ever and ever! Never again would I have to describe myself in 20 seconds or less, or recite the 3 points of my detailed studies.

The sad part is, while doing my detailed studies, I’d said that I had 4 main points. I had to backpedal quickly and say 3.

To be short, the oral…exam was semi-epic-fail. The general conversation was good, despite my two male examiners (MALE! BOTH OF THEM! Female ones smile more) starting me off with “how did you get here?” and I just sat there desperately trying to remember how to say “train” in Chinese, I was that nervous.

The det. stud. was a bit worse. I really forgot a lot of my info half way through and started stuttering (I guess that problem would resurface sooner or later when I’m nervous) so I had to make stuff up. The downside of getting male examiners and me doing a rather masculine topic is that they actually had a general understanding of my topic, and knew when I was bullshitting (as opposed to when I had females for mock exam, and they thought I was very well researched. Baha). In fact the younger male examiner had the expression of “bullshit bullshit” on his face in the last 3 minutes.

I just hope they give me marks for repair strategies and ability to maintain conversation, and not mark me down for contents. Haha.

Fa had dyed her hair brown! I haven’t seen her like that in a while, and I just felt it would be great injustice not to suggest that she keep that hair color forever. Hey Fa, I really think that brown suits you more and makes you look more elegant than orange/blonde. She also wore a “conservative” outfit, namely jeans and a baggy jumper (which she borrowed off her mom. I doubted it was hers anyway).

I’ve never really been nervous much before, I’ve been excited and nervous yet but not just nervous. I actually felt myself shaking a bit waiting outside the classroom, and Lyd- who was with me tried to calm me down by telling me my hair looked good.

It worked.

Well, it was all said, and done, and dusted, and blown away, and I did a little dance afterwards. Now, onto Methods and Legal! Then it will be 3 weeks until my English exam.

1 down, 6 to go!


Just can’t get a break

I had the most unlucky happening today.
Going to the mock oral I thought I’d get Spanna’s mom. No. Instead I got the teacher I had last year, you know, the teacher whom I mouthed off to all last year. Who, at the end of the year said, “I’m so glad I don’t have to teach you anymore.” And I said, “I’m glad I don’t have to be taught by you.”

Just a few FMLs

Mm, maybe it’s time to share the crap of the world:

Today, my identical twin sister was nice enough to switch classes with me so she could take a test I wasn’t ready for. Since we look so much alike the plan went over well. Until we found out she accidentally wrote her name on top of the paper instead of mine. FML

Today, I went to the dentist to get a hole in my tooth filled. After the dentist had injected the anesthetic into my gums, she realized that none of the electrical equipment were working. She sent me home. My entire right side of my face is completely numb and swollen for no reason. FML

Today, my mum hit me with her car as she was backing out of the drive way, hurting my leg and crushing my bike. For the third time this year. FML

Today, I was walking with my boyfriend down the street and a really hot guy walked past with no shirt on. While distracted by his hardened stomach muscles, I promptly walked into a pole, then became single. FML

Well, I hope you had a few laughs.

Recently there isn’t much happening in my life. Video committee is really trying to pick things up but yeah it’s hard…and SACs and all that are starting to pile up and of course exams are coming. Everyone’s stressed and on edge.

Hope to be able to blog more later when things happen.


P.S., did I ever mention about the studio photo-shoot we’ve got planned?

At Ease!

And so today, at 5:15 pm, I have officially finished ALL assessed work, for this year.

I had my VET MultiMedia exam. I swear VET subjects are more lax. I mean, the examiners came in 5 minutes before the exam started to upload the server on which we were to do our exams. Then, 5 of us didn’t have anywhere to sit, so we had to sort out that confusion.

So, post mortem aside, that’s that. Done. No more. I can rest, I can put my mind at ease, and just worry about being a teenager, and enjoying my last few weeks before I have to be a Responsible Student, followed by a Responsible Adult.

Hahaha, howzzat? By the time I get my results and gauge how I am doing as a Responsible Student, I’d be considered a legal adult. That, my friend, is exciting.

So, I bid luck to all those who STILL HAVE EXAMS LEFT!

De Fluffe, Out.