Indeed Beast-Like

I’m starting to want to go back to using song titles. Maybe I will do that starting Tuesday, seeing as it’s the start of Winter!

Today I finished 750 words in my Travel Piece, pretty much rewrote a whole draft of my 750-word-OpEd, redrafted a 500 word Magazine profile, and at the end I figured I have earned an evening off. Tomorrow, before I go out to dinner with DANI I’m going to finish off the 300 words of the PR, and probably redraft my PNA. Still putting off those 2 horrid research essays.

I’m rather proud of myself today, actually. I have proven yet again that when I am put under stress I can work like a beast.

I would go into a huge argument with a guy who I’d met recently at Uni, and having read his blog we started a huge argument about the usefulness of Facebook events, the effort people make into charitable causes, rah rah rah, but the argument is still ongoing and if I present just my side of the argument I’m going to sound stupid and if I present both side it’s going to take too long.

Wish me luck on my remaining 9 days!


The Irony Of IRL And Otherwise

In real life (IRL) I can’t juggle for crap. No, really, I’ve tried. I’m in the juggling club at Uni, but I (Jen and I…we) haven’t been going forever.

But here, online, I’m juggling a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, a 365 on Tumblr and now a FORMSPRING!

Yes, is it shameful that I, once again, linked each site AGAIN!?

The reason I got the Formspring (and there is a reason, because Tumblr already came with an ask function, and obviously you’re more than welcome to comment on my blog here, and Twitter is more of a you read what’s going on sort of thing) is so that you can comment on my Project365, because I was silly enough to set it up in such a way that it’s hard for you to comment on it unless you have Tumblr and follow my 365. So now, when you ask me a question on Formspring, you can either just ask me a question normally (and ignore the fact that Tumblr has an actual ask component, as stated before) and I will answer it and it will appear on Tumblr only, OR you can comment on my Project 365 and I will answer it, and I MIGHT post it on both Facebook and Tumblr (the parent Tumblr) but most likely only Tumblr. Because of this, I might remove the Anonymous function on my Tumblr Ask, but not likely.

Oh man, my head hurts from all of this.

Actually, writing, this I realize that I could’ve easily just had people comment on my 365 just on my Tumblr Ask, but but but but noooooooooooo. Formspring can be connected to Facebook separately. Tumblr would have to connect to Facebook for everything, and I spam people way too much with my Twitter connected to Facebook.

Which brings me to the point: I realize that, despite the links and advertisements, my WordPress is the least connected page of all the others. I mean, yes, these posts appear on my Facebook page, but that’s it. Whereas my Tweets appear both here and Facebook, my Tumblr will now be connected to my Formspring and sometimes Facebook, my…AHHH I THINK MY HEAD IS ABOUT TO EXPLO-

Let’s see how this goes. If this gets too difficult, I might abandon my Formspring, and have people comment on my 365 through Tumblr Ask.

And to think Dani told me to get a Flickr.

That’s Dani’s Project 365. I’m about to link that permanently to my page.

Seriously I think my head is going to explode. It’s good I picked today to do this, because I have an actual day off today (as opposed to last week, when my extremely many days off are packed with work).

AHH for the last time, I will wipe my brains off my couch.


Ice Blocks Keep Fallin’ On My Head

I think this will just be written to remind myself later of the…


Before 3 pm, I was just home bumming online. On Facebook, I saw some friends from west-side mentioning some sort of storm. Us east-siders thought nothing of it, but I decided to tell my dad to close the garage door and windows anyway.

Sure enough, as the clock-hand shifted ominously past the 12 to meet its fatter friend resting at the 3, a loud bang announced the arrival of the hail.

I’d first thought that yet another stupid bird had flown into our window, as it was a bit windy and dark outside. But when the 2nd, 3rd, and subsequently 15th “stupid bird” crashed into our windows all around the house, I’d decided either I’ve become Evan “Almighty” Baxter, or this was no bird stupidity.

I ran to the front door, and looked out.

Hail the size of half of my fists were falling outside, and there were so many already that it looked like my trees had a bad dandruff problem. I ran upstairs to my bedroom to check my windows, because my window faced south and the rain seemed to be coming down from that direction. From my window I could see the sad little chili patch my dad was trying to grow. Well, that was dead.

Within 10 minutes, a Facebook group about the hailstorm was made.

I heard that the CBD got pretty flooded. Melbourne Central and Flinders got flooded, and Southern Cross closed due to damages.


Tomorrow I still have Uni, despite Labor Day. Apparently it’s meant to rain again today, so I wonder how tomorrow is going to go.

I should probably wear shorts. I hate shorts. And shoes?! WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO THERE?!


I Can Close My Eyes And Disappear

[Swimming In Miami – Owl City]

I went to Jenny Z’s house today! It was amusing solely on the factor that I wasn’t allowed to say hi to her parents…

I got to the Glen early (saw Carmaine there, who greeted me by poking her tongue out. Hi to you too) and tried to see what I can get Dom but he didn’t help suggesting anything, so I don’t know. Just walked around I suppose.

Took the train up to Mt Waverley a bit earlier than I’d planned, which apparently freaked Jenny out. She specifically told me to not say I’m from MacRob. I didn’t know why.

When I arrived at the bus stop, Jenny called me and asked if I could see her. So I looked down the road, I looked up the road, I peered around the corner and I looked to the other side. Nothing.

Turned out she was standing about 150 meters away, a tiny purple speck in my short sighted eyes, waving.

We went to a park that’s near her house and ate some snacks, and watched a small boy try to play on the playground. She poked me first, therefore it started a whole day of poke-age. I swear she started it! It was not fair and she blamed me on starting it, I mean she’s taller than me with bigger hands so clearly she had the advantage.

That was me building myself up to be the victim – because I was one.

We went back to her place when I felt some hayfever starting to attack my nose.

When I got into the house, Jenny told me to just run into her bedroom, so I only managed to say hi to her dad as I walked in.

Spent most of the time in her bedroom just lazing around. She gave me heaps of anime and manga stuff, including Ouran Host Club and Kuro…something. Something about a butler. I liked a few pages of it so she gave me most of it. Yayers.

Mucked around on Facebook a fair bit, and I made Jenny look a little schizophrenic because I just commented on her behalf, and instead of you know, actually telling what she thought she’d reply to my/her own comment. Nonetheless, it was amusing especially when she decided that entendres that could easily be taken wrongly was something to be shared.

Then we played some Barbie Uno. Okay. What the hell. They have this card called the “Friendship Card” which lets you swap your cards with say, someone who just called out “UNO!”. THAT’S NOT FRIENDSHIP! THAT’S FUCKING EVIL! And there was that time when I put down the Wild Color Choice one, and I didn’t know how to describe the color except: “Um…hot pink?”

I left at round past 5, and we walked to the bus stop. I missed a bus by one light crossing, so Jenny waited with me. When I was on the next bus, she told me that she was actually going to wait with me for half an hour if it took that long. I was all like saying to myself, “awww”. It was a nice touching moment which made me look like an idiot on the bus smiling to myself.

Sorry if this sounded choppy. I’m tired. I had to spend the entire day acting like a ninja and blocking Jenny’s attempts at poking and tickling me.


You Said Move On, Where Do I Go?

[Thinking Of You – Katy Perry]

Well, since I (somehow) capped myself, this will be my last post until I uncap (except for Christmas). I put some effort into making this post interesting, okay?

This is mostly for Katherine’s benefit.

One day when we were on MSN I complained to her, “Katherine, you never stalk me anymore. When we first met/got back in touch, you’d stalk me three times a day, at the least. Sometimes you’d drop by and stalk me unexpectedly, just to let me know you still feel that stalk-spark. But now you only stalk when I ask you, and even then I don’t feel like your heart is in the stalking. It’s like you lack the passion you once had for stalking me.”

Katherine replied, “But honey (she didn’t say honey, but for the purpose of this very thinly veiled double entendre she did) I don’t need to stalk you to let you know I still love you. Can’t you just know by me simply giving you a quick hi on MSN?”

“It’s not the same!” I cried, “You used to stalk me so passionately that you knew everything about me. I would look into your eyes and ask you the name of my 3rd grade teacher and you’d be able to reciprocate. But now, now you barely remember my password!”

“Dammit woman! (Again, she didn’t say woman. Why did I make her out to be the guy in this…anyway) Don’t you get I’m trying? I come home everyday exhausted from a long hard day of legitimate information gathering, and I just want to put my feet up, sit back and watch some Bones (oh yes, I noticed what I did there). I love you, baby, but I just need some time to myself. I can’t stalk you all the time.”

“Time to yourself? Oh don’t be coy with me, I know EXACTLY what you get up to!”

“What…what are you talking about sweetie? (She doesn’t call me sweetie either. She’s not a womanizer. She could be if she tried…and had a dick. The point is…)”

“I know about those tumblrs and deviantarts! I know that you spend your ‘free time’ stalking all those pretty girls on those sites instead of me! Do you think I haven’t noticed? What, am I not arty enough for you? I can be arty! I can be anything you want! Here I’ll string some apples onto trees, sit in an awkward yet erotically suggestive pose, and have you take pictures. Do you want that? I can do that! What can I do to make you want to stalk me again?!”

“You don’t understand, baby. It’s not the same.”

“I get it. No, I understand. I’ll just leave. Maybe I’ll delete everything of mine so you won’t ever get to stalk me again.”

“No, baby don’t be like that. Come back. Hey? Baby? Alex? Alex?!


(I HAD to put a Streetcar reference you in there, you understand.)

The intensely capitalized utterance appeared on my screen just as I moved my mouse cursor towards the close button. Hesitating, I tapped out, “Oh I do love you Stan-I mean, Katherine. I do. But how can I trust you again?”

“I’ll show you,” came the reply. I waited anxiously, not knowing what form of stalking Katherine will bestow upon me. Suddenly a red icon appeared on my Facebook page, and I saw that Katherine had “posted something on my wall”. My heart skipped a beat, half in excitement, half in anticipatory terror. What did she post?

“Hey sup how r u? I see u were playing bejeweled! Kwlzz~~”

And my world became complete once again.


Disclaimer: Katherine never ever talks like that. In fact, I am willing to bet a very small amount of money that when she reads what I wrote, she will actually run away crying. She doesn’t type like a tool.

What she does do is stalk people on deviantart and tumblr. That part was true, and was written for her benefit.

I do not own Streetcar Named Desire, Tumblr, DeviantArt, Facebook or Bones in any way. Aha, now you can’t sue me.

And I’m very sorry, Katherine, for that thing about the dick…. ._.

A quick update

I haven’t blogged in a while, I know, and I feel sorta like I’m neglecting my readers.

The thing is, not much has happened in the last few days. Friday was the Yr 11 formal, and I ran around the city helping other people for their night of fun. I tend to do that a lot. Help other people in their formals.

I just put my FB settings on Pirate Language.

I am having way too much fun to keep writing here.

So I’ll be off, until I have something better to write about.


Chirp, chirp, chk chk BOOM!

That was the sound of me on Twitter, and what VCE will do to me now that I am cheating on it with this WordPress, my Facebook, and now my Twitter.

It’s okay here on WordPress because WordPress and Facebook knows the other exists, and in deed promotes Twitter. Facebook even helps WordPress get more face-time (or should it be Word-time?). Facebook now also helps mention Twitter, and Twitter subsequently mentions WordPress. It’s a mutual 3-way as to the acknowledgement of the others’ existence.

But VCE. Oh no, VCE has no idea WordPress, Facebook and Twitter exists. VCE thinks she’s the only one for me, and I intend to keep it that way. As long as VCE thinks she’s unique, VCE will be nice to me. But if VCE was to find out…[shudder].

Nonetheless, if you  have Twitter, please check me out at I’mstill getting used to the whole “no immediate reply” thing, but I’m getting there.


Another another disclaimer

Sneaks was sort of hinting at it so I’ve decided to officially announce that:

Yes, Chapter 3 is coming! I have a week off next week during which I can tap out the rest of Chapter 3. Chapter 4 should follow soon after seeing as I’ve done half of both. (Don’t ask why I did that).

Also, it’s occured to me that on Facebook only the first part of my blog is shown on my profile page. Unfortunately the previous one cut off at “…the perpetual gayness that is Bel and Julia…” and didn’t show my repeated assertations that they’re not gay. So whoever read that small intro would’ve gotten a really wrong idea. From now on I’ll be careful to write a teaser/summary in the first few lines, and then get into it.

By the way, they don’t like the name Julinda. I thought it was awesome. Apparently a lot of people don’t like it.

Some humor just go by unnoticed.


What I’ve Done

So let mercy come
And wash away…
What I’ve done…

I’ve gone and imported this blog onto my notes on Facebook. So the traffic should get a bit busier, I hope. I made it so that you can read my post, but to comment you’d have to come here. Ingenius, no?

By the way, that was “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park.

In other news, we got our new internet installed finally, 1 and a half months late. We’re now with Telstra Bigpond. It comes with a wireless thing so when we get a new computer and when I get a laptop I can totally just use the internet from my room. How awesome!

And, Dom had gone get himself tested for swine flu. Results in a few days. Hope he doesn’t have it, the poor bugger.

That’s all for now.


P.S. Catherine I really really do love you for what you wrote.