Your Ray Of Light Will Fizzle Out

[Miss Murder – AFI]

Day 3: a letter to your parents.

Dear Parents,

Without going into a 2000 word rant ending with someone commenting that I “treat my parents like crap” and sticking their nose into my business (whoever you are, I still think you’re a bit of a dick), I will simply write this:

As soon as I can, you’re out of my life. Saves me the stress of having to deal with you.

And, in my opinion, I would say as soon as you can, sort out exactly what the hell your marriage actually is, because at the moment it seems like a painful charade you guys are putting yourself through. I wouldn’t exactly say you hate each other, but I can tell you don’t love each other anymore, so what are you going to do?

Also, no, I don’t plan on having any children so shut the hell up! Whether I want to have children or not is my problem, and I’m sure you can just tell that I don’t want children because every time you bring up grandchildren I scowl. I cannot be guilted into it, so just give up. And there’s no way in hell I’m living with you two ’til you die, and you know it too because I’ve brought up moving out many many times. So stop dreaming.

Your daughter, ALEX. I prefer to be called ALEX. It’s a unisex name, and I got it from Lucy Liu’s middle name. So get the fuck off my back about me being a man. I didn’t denounce my Chinese name, nor have I taken it out, it’s just my middle name now. Stop making me out to be a disgrace to you.

P.S. To whoever reads this and thinks ‘this girl’s a bitch’, you have no idea what my family is like, so butt out.