Can’t Fight The Moonlight

Alright, so last night was probably one of the craziest and most fun nights I’ve had in a long time.

Fel turns 18 in May, but in the interest of mid-years and whatnot, Fel had her party yesterday, a month early.

It was a pink-themed party, so Bianca promised to bring me a scarf. (I did end up taking it off 20 mins into the party but hey I wore it) They’d booked the entire cafe section of Romanza, and when I arrived Fel and Bee were stringing up balloons and all that decoration. Gis- came a few moments later. So we went around blowing up heaps and heaps of balloons.

Fel had invited maybe 60 people last night so soon it got really busy as her church friends started showing up. And we had a few MacRob people too – including the Jewish ones – and everything started mingling a bit (but not too much). I met a few of Fel’s church friends who were very cool and fun – especially the 2 in the hot pink stockings who I don’t think stopped dancing.

Speaking of not stopping to dance, Bianca in her shimmering dress ground and swayed her way through most of the night, along to bad music (TAYLOR SWIFT GOT PUT ON! WTF?!). Everyone were having a blast, just dancing and laughing at Bekchie and Sha- at Singstar, being total douches. Actually they screamed so loudly that some of Fel’s asian friends kind of started swarming AWAY from them.

Anyway, at some point during the night the “dancefloor” (we moved chairs and tables aside) when Low by Flo Rida came on, and they – most of the MacRob girls and some Church ones – started having this “mosh circle” but they weren’t moshing the whole time. And then when the lyrics came “shorty got low low low” they of course went as low as they could on their heels. I told Carmaine to try but well we figured no one would notice the difference even if she did get low. The lyrics ARE, after all, “SHORTY got low”.

I made good friends with a girl called Claire from PLC (I may have spelt her name wrong) and also I got to talk to Priscilla again (again, I might have spelt it wrong).  We watched the dancers a lot because joining them would be succumbing to the insanity.

Fel’s birthday cake was HUGE! 12 pounds, and 18 candles (I would assume). Took her…what, 5 blows to take them out, and that was after we all belted Happy Birthday at the top out lungs and made Fel make a speech (in which she was “speechless”).

Are You Gonna Be My Girl was probably the most awesome moment cos everyone was dancing and screaming to that one, even me! (Okay, maybe it was only awesome to me because I partook in it but hey hey hey I was having buckets of fun).

Everyone looked stunning yesterday too (except I have to mention Shaz saying “Oh I’m not too worried about being under dressed because I figure I’d be more formal than Ruyi anyway). Fel was in pink…well duh. But I can’t describe except it was hot pink as was Eunice, and they matched.

I ended up going home rather late, and parents weren’t happy. But no amount of yelling could get my spirits down! One of the best nights for a long long long time (have I said that before?). Now I’m glad I still have my voice, and my neck hurts but I cracked it so s’all good.

18’s are fun. I look forward to more.