A Little Bit Too Much Of That Poison

[Last Name – Glee Cast cover, original by Carrie Underwood]

Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day

Dear Katherine,

I know that we are friends now still but if it wasn’t for how friendly you were the day I met you then we wouldn’t be friends now.

Considering the circumstances, I really didn’t think you would talk to me, let alone end up befriending me. If I remember correctly, it was Yr 7, and we were at the inter-school table tennis. I think I was up against Gwyn, and you were watching the game. And then after the game we started talking, and I remembered you were really funny and friendly. It was surprising that someone I met as an opponent would end up talking to me like an old friend.

I was so impressed by how friendly you were that when you told me your insanely long email address (at the time) I tried my hardest to remember it. Redskittlesmakemehigh, right? I think you de-activated that email address by now.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how impressed I was at how friendly you were on that day when I met you, and again a year later at Yr 8 table tennis competition.

Hope you’re well! Talk to you on MSN…now.