Say It Ain’t So, I Will Not Go

[All The Small Things – Blink 182]

This blog will be about me saying goodbye for the next…oh…4/5 days?

Ah, writing that means those who see my posts on Facebook can get the idea of what the post is about from the small snippet that a preview gives.

Actually when I opened up this page, the song that just came onto my iPod was, again, Kids In Love. So I went to the next song. It seemed fitting.

Well, tomorrow is Sorrento! Last time I did something like “TOMORROW IS…!” it was for Sale, and CJ thought I meant I’m gonna go to a sale and I was excited so I gave her the =.=” and she felt dumb. Win.

I would have blogged on Sorrento except I don’t think Blackberry has WordPress, so instead I might just use my iTouch to write posts (short ones, no doubt) and then somehow get them onto here. I’ll probably do that just before bed, I mean couch.

So, I’m pretty much all packed. The list that Jen and I made for everyone came in handy for me! All I still need are chargers that I still have to use tonight, my pillow and toothbrush/toothpaste. Hopefully April remembers the sleeping bag, and Jen remembers her shampoo, and Annie remembers her soap. Because I don’t…bring things.

Will still have phone on me, so feel free to text and tell me how awesome I am.

Carmaine’s birthday is on the 3rd of December. Wish her a happy birthday. Just a reminder to anyone who reads my blog frequently and forgot. Like, D.P. forgot my birthday.

Take care! Sorrento here we COME!